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Noun1.shoe bomb - an explosive device concealed inside the heel and sole of a shoe
explosive device - device that bursts with sudden violence from internal energy
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We found a shoe bomb and explosives hidden in underwear and abandoned in the toilet," he said, adding that two devices had failed to detonate while a third had exploded inside the shrine, causing panic.
He refused, given that he faces arrest on US soil for plotting to blow up a passenger jet with a shoe bomb in collusion with Reid.
They also said Abu Ghaith knew in advance of an attempt to detonate a shoe bomb aboard an airplane by BritonRichard Reidin December 2001, citing in part an October 2001 video in which he warned Americans that the "storm of airplanes will not stop.
He acknowledged making several videos at bin Laden's request, including one in which he warned that a "storm of airplanes" was coming, but denied that he had any advance knowledge of other plots, such as the shoe bomb that Briton Richard Reid attempted to detonate aboard an airplane in 2002.
The defense has suggested Mohammed could help rebut the government's claim that Abu Ghaith must have known in advance of Al-Qaeda's so-called shoe bomb airplane plots, including Richard Reid's attempt to carry one out in December 2001.
Mr Badat disclosed that he met four Malaysian jihadists in Afghanistan and gave them the shoe bomb so they could control the plane.
The security sources said the latest warning did not mean that the United States had intelligence indicating a specific shoe bomb plot was in progress.
TSA continues to make people take off their shoes before entering the gate at an airport even though there has never been a single fatality from a shoe bomb on an airplane," Berger said.
In December 22, 2001, American passenger Richard Reid attempted to blow up an American Airlines flight from France to Miami, Florida using a shoe bomb packed with plastic explosive.
April 19, 2012 (UNITED STATES): Saajid Badat, a UK terrorist convicted for plotting in December 2001 to blow up a shoe bomb on an airliner heading from Europe to the United States, revealed in a U.
Badat, of Gloucester, had admitted plotting to explode a shoe bomb on a transatlantic flight in December 2001 at the same time as fellow shoebomber Richard Reid.
In 2001, Brit Richard Reid tried to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic with a shoe bomb.