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Adj.1.shoed - wearing footgear
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From Coventry he arrived at Daventry, from Daventry at Stratford, and from Stratford at Dunstable, whither he came the next day a little after noon, and within a few hours after Sophia had left it; and though he was obliged to stay here longer than he wished, while a smith, with great deliberation, shoed the post-horse he was to ride, he doubted not but to overtake his Sophia before she should set out from St Albans; at which place he concluded, and very reasonably, that his lordship would stop and dine.
Shoulder'd his crutch, and shoed how fields were won.
? Huw with the last wheel shoed in Ysbyty Ifan, 1989, and, inset right, as a young boy in the village school, c.1928
" He drew out plow points, tampered chisels and shoed horses.
The horse was allegedly shoed backwards to confuse his pursuers, Ducaacuter said.
Guiao's stock also rose when the PBA opened its doors to him and several players shoed up for his practice sessions.
Director UNICEF South Asia Jean Gogh presented a report on 'Stunting and Malnutrition' which shoed that a child does not get proper nutrition in first two years of birth in the country.
Munawar stated in his appeal that both the GDA candidates concealed the assists and did not shoed their all properties therefore their nomination papers will be rejected.
Nothing is more pityingly graphic than the speed at which former commissioners were spewed out, the law changed to give the President powers to make appointments and pliable Archbishop Eliud Wabukala's team shoed in.
A battlefield source in Albu Kamal confirmed that the Syrian army shoed away the ISIL from the border region, and said that the government troops also cut the road linking al-Mayadeen to Albu Kamal.
You used your shoed feet as a weapon, repeatedly kicking a man on the ground."
Bordeleau was clearly furious after suffering a cut to his face, while Devils team-mate Mark Louis shoed his displeasure with a big hit which brought him a two plus 10 penalty for checking to the head.