shoot off

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w>shoot off

(= rush off)davonschießen, losjagen (inf)
(sl, = ejaculate) → abspritzen (sl)
vt sepabschießen; gun etc alsoabfeuern; to shoot one’s mouth off (inf, indiscreetly) → tratschen (inf); (boastfully) → das Maul aufreißen (inf); he’ll start shooting his mouth off to the policeer wird bei der Polizei anfangen zu quatschen (inf)
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as some have been, when the moon was low, and shone on their enemies' back), and so to shoot off before the time; or to teach dangers to come on, by over early buckling towards them; is another extreme.
The first thing I made of these was a great cap for my head, with the hair on the outside, to shoot off the rain; and this I performed so well, that after I made me a suit of clothes wholly of these skins - that is to say, a waistcoat, and breeches open at the knees, and both loose, for they were rather wanting to keep me cool than to keep me warm.
Member of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Mamytbai Salymbekov (SDPK faction) has urged to shoot off stray dogs.
In a closely fought-off match, Japan had scored 8, 9 and 10 in the last set while the Indian team had bagged 9, 9 and 8 which led to a shoot off.
The other two contested a shoot off to decide the winner.
Rahul showed a lot of grit and nerves as all his matches on Sunday went into a shoot off.
We were planning to put it in a cannon and shoot off one of our clowns holding the warhead into a net, but one of our elephants got loose and ate Bozo,'' admitted North Korean leader Kim Nutjob Il.