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The overall silhouette was generic enough that they could have been inspired by a number of pistols, foreign or domestic, but given Falk was an American I'm inclined to think his shooting irons were homegrown.
Well not too big, but a full-sized, steel-framed 9mm with a barrel length of more than 4" is a beautiful addition to one's collection of shooting irons. For the same reasons why .357 revolvers are forgiving guns to the new shooter, the big nines similarly excel: lots of mass for a relatively mild round.
Where's your horse and shooting irons? Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and hat visits the Burtonwood air base, near Warrington, in July, 1954 (LDP Summer 020
In short, the burdensome load of Black liberation called for a stronger tool than history alone could or was willing to provide, for Black liberation took place primarily because of Union shooting irons.
Where else will you find somewhere to store your shooting irons safely under lock and key while you dine on a gourmet guineafowl dish at the same time as the bar meal menu confidently boasts Heinz tomato soup with dunking bread for the kids?