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1. also shoppe A small retail store or a specialty department in a large store.
2. An atelier; a studio.
3. A place for manufacturing or repairing goods or machinery.
4. A commercial or industrial establishment: a printing shop.
5. A business establishment; an office or a center of activity.
6. A home workshop.
a. A schoolroom fitted with machinery and tools for instruction in industrial arts.
b. The industrial arts as a technical science or course of study.
v. shopped, shop·ping, shops
1. To visit stores in search of merchandise or bargains.
2. To look for something with the intention of acquiring it.
To visit or buy from (a particular store).
Phrasal Verb:
shop around
1. To go from store to store in search of merchandise or bargains.
2. To look for something, such as a better job.
3. To offer (a large block of common stock, for example) for sale to various parties: "[The company] is now actively being shopped around, with a prospectus in circulation" (Marianne Yen).
talk shop
To talk about one's work.

[Middle English shoppe, from Old English sceoppa, treasure house.]
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1. (Commerce) a place, esp a small building, for the retail sale of goods and services
2. an act or instance of shopping, esp household shopping: the weekly shop.
3. a place for the performance of a specified type of work; workshop
4. all over the shop informal
a. in disarray: his papers were all over the shop.
b. in every direction: I've searched for it all over the shop.
5. (Commerce) shut up shop
a. to close business at the end of the day or permanently
b. to become defensive or inactive
6. talk shop to speak about one's work, esp when meeting socially, sometimes with the effect of excluding those not similarly employed
vb, shops, shopping or shopped
7. (often foll by: for) to visit a shop or shops in search of (goods) with the intention of buying them
8. (tr) slang chiefly Brit to inform on or betray, esp to the police
[Old English sceoppa stall, booth; related to Old High German scopf shed, Middle Dutch schoppe stall]
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n., v. shopped, shop•ping. n.
1. a retail store, esp. a small one.
2. a small store or department in a large store selling a specific or select type of goods.
3. the workshop of an artisan.
4. a place for doing specific, skilled manual work; workshop: a carpenter's shop.
5. any factory, office, or business.
a. a school course in a trade, as carpentry or printing, in which the use of tools is taught.
b. a classroom in which such a course is given.
7. to visit shops and stores for the purpose of purchasing or examining goods.
8. to purchase goods through the mail or by telephone.
9. to search; hunt (often fol. by for): I'm shopping for a safe investment.
10. to shop at (a particular store or stores).
talk shop, to converse about a shared trade, profession, or business.
[1250–1300; (n.), Old English sceoppa booth, c. Old High German scopf lean-to]
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  • chippy - A shop that sells fish and chips can be called a chippy.
  • odditorium - A shop for oddities or oddments (broken parts or parts of once-complete sets).
  • shop, store - At first, shop designated a small retail establishment and store was applied only to a large establishment; now the differences are blurred.
  • stationer - A bookseller who had a regular "station" or shop at a university, unlike most booksellers, who were itinerant vendors.
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1. 'magazine'

A magazine is a collection of articles, photographs, and advertisements published every week or every month.

Her face was on the cover of every magazine.
Tanya read a magazine while she waited.
2. 'shop'

Don't use 'magazine' to refer to a building or part of a building where things are sold. The word you use is shop or store.

There is a row of shops on the High Street.



In British English, a building or part of a building where goods are sold is usually called a shop.

Are there any shops near here?

In American English, this kind of building is usually called a store, and shop is only used to mean a very small store that has just one type of goods.

Mom has gone to the store.
I got it from a little antiques shop in Princeton.

In British English, very large shops are sometimes called stores.

They've opened a new DIY store on the outskirts of town.

In both British and American English, a large shop that has separate departments selling different types of goods is called a department store.

She works in the furnishings department of a large department store.
1. 'shop' used as a verb

Shop can also be a verb. When people shop, they go to shops and buy things.

I usually shop on Saturdays.
2. 'shopping'

You usually say that someone goes shopping, rather than that they 'shop'.

They went shopping after lunch.

When someone goes to the shops to buy things that they need regularly, such as food, you say that they do the shopping or do their shopping.

Who's going to do the shopping?
She went to the next town to do her shopping.

Shopping can be used without 'do' or 'go' to refer to the activity of buying things from shops.

I don't like shopping.

Shopping can also refer to the things that someone has just bought from a shop or shops.

She put her shopping away in the kitchen.

Shopping is an uncountable noun. Don't talk about 'a shopping' or someone's 'shoppings'.

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Past participle: shopped
Gerund: shopping

I shop
you shop
he/she/it shops
we shop
you shop
they shop
I shopped
you shopped
he/she/it shopped
we shopped
you shopped
they shopped
Present Continuous
I am shopping
you are shopping
he/she/it is shopping
we are shopping
you are shopping
they are shopping
Present Perfect
I have shopped
you have shopped
he/she/it has shopped
we have shopped
you have shopped
they have shopped
Past Continuous
I was shopping
you were shopping
he/she/it was shopping
we were shopping
you were shopping
they were shopping
Past Perfect
I had shopped
you had shopped
he/she/it had shopped
we had shopped
you had shopped
they had shopped
I will shop
you will shop
he/she/it will shop
we will shop
you will shop
they will shop
Future Perfect
I will have shopped
you will have shopped
he/she/it will have shopped
we will have shopped
you will have shopped
they will have shopped
Future Continuous
I will be shopping
you will be shopping
he/she/it will be shopping
we will be shopping
you will be shopping
they will be shopping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been shopping
you have been shopping
he/she/it has been shopping
we have been shopping
you have been shopping
they have been shopping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been shopping
you will have been shopping
he/she/it will have been shopping
we will have been shopping
you will have been shopping
they will have been shopping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been shopping
you had been shopping
he/she/it had been shopping
we had been shopping
you had been shopping
they had been shopping
I would shop
you would shop
he/she/it would shop
we would shop
you would shop
they would shop
Past Conditional
I would have shopped
you would have shopped
he/she/it would have shopped
we would have shopped
you would have shopped
they would have shopped
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or servicesshop - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
bakehouse, bakery, bakeshop - a workplace where baked goods (breads and cakes and pastries) are produced or sold
barbershop - a shop where men can get their hair cut
bazaar, bazar - a shop where a variety of goods are sold
betting shop - a licensed bookmaker's shop that is not at the race track
bodega - a small Hispanic shop selling wine and groceries
bookshop, bookstall, bookstore - a shop where books are sold
booth - a small shop at a fair; for selling goods or entertainment
boutique, dress shop - a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry
building supply house, building supply store - a store where builders can purchase materials for building houses and related structures
butcher shop, meat market - a shop in which meat and poultry (and sometimes fish) are sold
canteen - sells food and personal items to personnel at an institution or school or camp etc.
chain store - one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise
cleaners, dry cleaners - shop where dry cleaning is done
clothing store, haberdashery, haberdashery store, mens store - a store where men's clothes are sold
commissary - a retail store that sells equipment and provisions (usually to military personnel)
computer store - a store that sells computers to the small businessperson or personal user
candy store, confectionary, confectionery - a confectioner's shop
convenience store - a store selling a limited variety of food and pharmaceutical items; open long hours for the convenience of customers
deli, food shop, delicatessen - a shop selling ready-to-eat food products
apothecary's shop, chemist's, chemist's shop, drugstore, pharmacy - a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold
florist shop, flower store, florist - a shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold
gift shop, novelty shop - a shop that sells miscellaneous articles appropriate as gifts
hardware store, ironmonger's shop, ironmonger - a store selling hardware; "in Great Britain they used to call a hardware store an ironmonger's shop"
head shop - a shop specializing in articles of interest to drug users; "he bought some roach clips and hashish pipes at the head shop"
junk shop - a shop that sells cheap secondhand goods
mercantile establishment, outlet, retail store, sales outlet - a place of business for retailing goods
hat shop, millinery - shop selling women's hats
outfitter - a shop that provides equipment for some specific purpose; "an outfitter provided everything needed for the safari"
liquor store, off-licence, package store - a store that sells alcoholic beverages for consumption elsewhere
loan office, pawnbroker's shop, pawnshop - a shop where loans are made with personal property as security
perfumery - store where perfumes are sold
pet shop - a shop where pet animals can be purchased
pizza parlor, pizza shop, pizzeria - a shop where pizzas are made and sold
fix-it shop, repair shop - a shop specializing in repairs and maintenance
beauty parlor, beauty parlour, beauty salon, beauty shop, salon - a shop where hairdressers and beauticians work
shoe shop, shoe store, shoe-shop - a shop where shoes are sold
shopfront, storefront - the front side of a store facing the street; usually contains display windows
specialty store - a store that sells only one kind of merchandise
second-hand store, thriftshop - a shop that sells secondhand goods at reduced prices
tobacco shop, tobacconist shop, tobacconist - a shop that sells pipes and pipe tobacco and cigars and cigarettes
toyshop - shop where toys are sold - small workplace where handcrafts or manufacturing are done
bindery - a workshop where books are bound
bookbindery - a bookbinder's workshop; a place for binding books
brickfield, brickyard - a place where bricks are made and sold
chop shop - a place where stolen cars are disassembled for their parts
dye-works - a workshop where dyeing is done
machine shop - workshop where metal is cut and shaped etc., by machine tools
pottery - a workshop where clayware is made
print shop, printing shop - a workplace where printing is done
saddlery - workshop where a saddler works
sheltered workshop - a workshop that offers jobs to members of the physically or developmentally disabled population
turnery - workshop where objects are made on a lathe
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today" - a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry or electricity)shop - a course of instruction in a trade (as carpentry or electricity); "I built a birdhouse in shop"
course, course of instruction, course of study, class - education imparted in a series of lessons or meetings; "he took a course in basket weaving"; "flirting is not unknown in college classes" - do one's shopping; "She goes shopping every Friday"
commerce, commercialism, mercantilism - transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
obtain - come into possession of; "How did you obtain the visa?"
market - buy household supplies; "We go marketing every Saturday" - do one's shopping at; do business with; be a customer or client of
back up, support - give moral or psychological support, aid, or courage to; "She supported him during the illness"; "Her children always backed her up" - shop around; not necessarily buying; "I don't need help, I'm just browsing"
commerce, commercialism, mercantilism - transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
surf, browse - look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular; "browse a computer directory"; "surf the internet or the world wide web"
look for, search, seek - try to locate or discover, or try to establish the existence of; "The police are searching for clues"; "They are searching for the missing man in the entire county"
comparison-shop - compare prices for a given item
antique - shop for antiques; "We went antiquing on Saturday"
window-shop - examine the shop windows; shop with the eyes only - give away information about somebodyshop - give away information about somebody; "He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam"
inform - impart knowledge of some fact, state or affairs, or event to; "I informed him of his rights"
sell out - give information that compromises others
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1. store, market, supermarket, mart, boutique, emporium, hypermarket It's not available in the shops.
1. go shopping, buy things, do the shopping, go to the shops customers who shop once a week
2. (Brit. informal) betray, grass on (Brit. slang), inform on or against, sell out (informal), double-cross (informal), stab in the back, sell down the river (informal), grass up (slang), put the finger on (informal) Fraudsters are often shopped by honest friends and neighbours.
all over the shop everywhere, all over, all around, the world over, high and low, in each place, in every nook and cranny, ubiquitously, far and wide or near, to or in every place This gave him the freedom to make trouble all over the shop.
shop around search, look, hunt, cast around, leave no stone unturned, scout about, look high and low He shopped around for a firm that would be flexible.
shut up shop (Brit.) close down, shut down, cease trading, wind up a business, discontinue trading They shut up shop and fled the country.
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A retail establishment where merchandise is sold:
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دُكّان، حانوتمَحَلّمَشْغَل، وَرْشَهيَتَسَوَّق
búî, verslunverkstæîiversla
parduotuvėparduotuvės savininkasparduotuvių rajonaspirkiniaivagiliavimas parduotuvėse
dükkandükkânfabrikatamirhanealışveriş etmek/yapmak
cửa hàng


A. N
1. (Comm) (= store) → tienda f; (= workshop) → taller m
the shopslas tiendas, los comercios
he's just gone (round) to the shopsacaba de salir a comprar
it's not available in the shopsno se encuentra or se comercializa en las tiendas
shop! (o.f.) → ¿quién despacha?
butcher's shopcarnicería f
a repair shopun taller de reparaciones
to set up shopmontar un negocio, establecerse
to shut up shopcerrar
to talk shophablar de trabajo, hablar de negocios
all over the shopen or por todas partes
see also barber, betting B
see also flower C
see also sweet C
see also video C
2. (Brit) (= act of shopping) → compra f
the weekly shopla compra de la semana
B. VIcomprar, hacer las compras
I hate shopping in supermarketsodio hacer (las) compras en los supermercados
to go shoppingir de compras or de tiendas
C. VT (= inform on) → delatar
D. CPD shop assistant N (Brit) → dependiente/a m/f, empleado/a m/f de una tienda
shop floor N (lit) → taller m; (bigger) → planta f de producción
to work on the shop floortrabajar en la producción, ser obrero/a de la producción
the shop floor (workers)los obreros
shop front Nfachada f de la tienda
shop steward N (Ind) → enlace mf sindical
shop talk Ncharla f sobre el trabajo
shop window Nescaparate m, vitrina f, vidriera f (S. Cone)
shop around VI + ADV (lit) → comparar precios (fig) → andar a la caza y captura
she was shopping around for the perfect partnerandaba a la caza y captura del novio ideal
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(mainly British) (= store) → magasin m
a sports shop → un magasin de sports
to set up shop (= start a business) → s'établir, s'installer
to shut up shop (British) (= close) (permanently)fermer boutique; (at the end of the day)fermer la boutique
all over the shop (British) (= everywhere) → partout
to talk shop → parler boutique
(British) (= shopping) → courses fpl
to do the weekly shop → faire les courses pour la semaine
to do a big shop → acheter plein de choses
(= workshop) → atelier m repair shop
modif [worker, manager, staff] → dans un magasin; [owner] → d'un magasin; [doorway, display, front] → de magasin; [prices] → du commerce
Her father was a shop manager → Son père était gérant dans un magasin.
a cafe used by shop workers on their lunch break → un café fréquenté par les employés des magasins à la pause de midi
faire ses courses, faire ses achats
to shop for food → acheter des provisions
to shop for clothes → faire les magasins de vêtements
to shop for presents → faire les magasins pour trouver des cadeaux
to go shopping (for food, provisions)faire des courses; (look round shops)faire du shopping
vt (British) (= report) → balancer
to shop sb to the police → balancer qn à la police
shop around
vi (= compare prices) (in different shops)faire le tour des magasins (pour comparer les prix); (of different companies)comparer les prix avant de choisir, comparer les prix avant de décider
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(esp Brit) → Geschäft nt, → Laden m; (= large store)Kaufhaus nt; I have to go to the shopsich muss einkaufen gehen; shop!Bedienung!; to set up shopein Geschäft or einen Laden eröffnen; to shut up or close up shopzumachen, schließen; you’ve come to the wrong shop (fig inf)da sind Sie an der falschen Adresse; all over the shop (Brit inf) → in der ganzen Gegend herum (inf); to talk shopüber die or von der Arbeit reden; (esp of professional people)fachsimpeln; no shop, please!keine Fachsimpelei, bitte!
(= workshop)Werkstatt f; (= workers)Arbeiter pl, → Arbeiterschaft f
(Brit: = shopping) to do one’s weekly shopseinen wöchentlichen Einkauf erledigen
vieinkaufen, Einkäufe machen; to go shoppingeinkaufen gehen; we spend Saturday mornings shoppingsamstags vormittags gehen wir einkaufen; shop at Macfarlane’s!kaufen Sie bei Macfarlane!; to shop for fishFisch kaufen gehen
vt (Brit inf) to shop somebody (to somebody)jdn (bei jdm) verpfeifen (inf)


shop assistant
n (esp Brit) → Verkäufer(in) m(f)
nEinbrecher(in) m(f)
nLadeneinbruch m
nGeschäftsausstatter(in) m(f)
plLadeneinrichtungen pl
shop floor
(= place)Produktionsstätte f; (for heavier work) → Werkstatt f; the manager’s son started off working on the shopder Sohn des Direktors hat ganz unten in der Fabrik angefangen; on the shopin der Werkstatt etc, bei or unter den Arbeitern
(= workers)Arbeiter pl, → Leute plin der Produktion; shop-floor gossipKlatsch mor Tratsch munter den Arbeitern
shop front
n (esp Brit) → Ladenfassade f
n (Brit) → Ladenmädchen nt
n (US) die Praxis, etw zu kaufen und innerhalb von 30 Tagen gegen Gelderstattung wieder zurückzugeben
shop hours
pl (esp Brit) → Öffnungszeiten pl
nShop-in-Shop m
n (esp Brit) → Ladenbesitzer(in) m(f), → Geschäftsinhaber(in) m(f); a nation of shopsein Krämervolk nt
nBetrieb meines (Laden)geschäfts
nLadendieb(in) m(f)


adj (Brit) clothes, furniture, wallpaperangestaubt, angeschmutzt; goods, materialleicht beschädigt
shop steward
n(gewerkschaftlicher) Vertrauensmann (im Betrieb)
nReden ntüber die Arbeit; (of professional people also)Fachsimpelei f
n (Brit) → Aufsichtsperson f (form), → Aufsicht f
shop window
n (lit, fig)Schaufenster nt
adj goods, furniture etcleicht beschädigt
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1. n
a. (Comm) → negozio
at the baker's shop → in panetteria
to shut up shop → chiudere (fig) → chiudere bottega
to talk shop (fig) → parlare di lavoro
all over the shop (fig) (fam) → dappertutto
b. (Industry) (workshop) → officina
repair shop → officina di riparazione
2. vi (gen) → fare acquisti, fare compere; (for food) → fare la spesa
to go shopping → andare a fare lo shopping, andare a fare la spesa
I was shopping for a dress → cercavo un vestito
3. vt (fam) (betray) → tradire
shop around vi + adv (compare prices) → confrontare i prezzi (fig) (weigh up alternatives) → confrontare diverse possibilità
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(ʃop) noun
1. a place where goods are sold. a baker's shop.
2. a workshop, or a place where any kind of industry is carried on. a machine-shop.
verbpast tense, past participle shopped
(often go shopping) to visit shops for the purpose of buying. We shop on Saturdays; She goes shopping once a week.
ˈshopper noun
1. a person who is shopping. The street was full of shoppers.
2. a large bag used when shopping.
ˈshopping noun
1. the activity of buying goods in shops. Have you a lot of shopping to do?; (also adjective) a shopping-list.
2. the goods bought. He helped her carry her shopping home; (also adjective) a shopping-basket / bag.
shop assistant (American ˈsalesclerk, *clerk)
a person employed in a shop to serve customers.
shop floor
the workers in a factory or workshop, as opposed to the management.
ˈshopkeeper noun
a person who runs a shop of his own.
ˈshoplifter noun
a person who steals goods from a shop.
ˈshoplifting noun
shopping centre
a place, often a very large building, where there is a large number of different shops.
shopping mall noun
(also mall) (American) a shopping centre in which traffic is usually not allowed.
shop around
to compare prices, quality of goods etc at several shops before buying anything.
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مَحَلّ obchod butik Laden κατάστημα tienda kauppa magasin trgovina negozio 상점 winkel butikk sklep loja магазин affär ร้าน dükkan/mağaza cửa hàng 商店
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References in classic literature ?
ONCE upon a time there was a village shop. The name over the window was "Ginger and Pickles."
It has already been observed, that, in the basement story of the gable fronting on the street, an unworthy ancestor, nearly a century ago, had fitted up a shop. Ever since the old gentleman retired from trade, and fell asleep under his coffin-lid, not only the shop-door, but the inner arrangements, had been suffered to remain unchanged; while the dust of ages gathered inch-deep over the shelves and counter, and partly filled an old pair of scales, as if it were of value enough to be weighed.
The wine-shop was a corner shop, better than most others in its appearance and degree, and the master of the wine-shop had stood outside it, in a yellow waistcoat and green breeches, looking on at the struggle for the lost wine.
If you please, could not guards be placed if only to let us close the shop...."
The inevitable delay in entering the shop under these circumstances made Magdalen too late to hear what the woman asked for.
A week or two after I dropped the letter I was in a hansom on my way to certain barracks when loud above the city's roar I heard that accursed haw-haw-haw, and there they were, the two of them, just coming out of a shop where you may obtain pianos on the hire system.
I shut up my shop, paid him every attention, taking him to the bath, giving him my most beautiful robes.
Of course, the upper room over the shop was to be the best sitting-room; but also the parlour behind the shop was to be made a suitable bower for the lovely Penny, who would naturally wish to be near her husband, though Mr.
However, when I was brought back by the mob to the mercer's shop, the master of the house said freely that I was not the woman that was in his shop, and would have let me go immediately; but another fellow said gravely, 'Pray stay till Mr.
He made up his mind that he would go to the shop every day; it was obvious that he had made a disagreeable impression on her, but he thought he had the wits to eradicate it; he would take care not to say anything at which the most susceptible person could be offended.
It was a female, of course, and her inquiries were about a piece of cambric handkerchiefs, which she said had been sent to this shop from a manufactory in Picardie.
Oliver, being left to himself in the undertaker's shop, set the lamp down on a workman's bench, and gazed timidly about him with a feeling of awe and dread, which many people a good deal older than he will be at no loss to understand.