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or shop talk  (shŏp′tôk′)
1. Talk or conversation concerning one's work or business.
2. The jargon used in a specific business or field.


conversation concerning one's work, esp when carried on outside business hours



1. conversation about one's work or occupation.
2. the specialized vocabulary having to do with work.
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M2 EQUITYBITES-February 14, 2018-Datametrex Continues to Target February Close for Shoptalk Acquisition
For instance late night shoptalk can benefit a job related money matter.
Sturbridge makes it easy to find complementary pieces to furnish every home with detailed articles found on their blog, Shoptalk, and on their website.
And now the shop has won a Shoptalk Award for best use of PR and media coverage.
Byline: SHOPTALK High StREET BUYER'S GUIDE ruki sayid@mirror.
The ShopTalk category, for instance, includes our Tool Box information (the "how to" stories) as well as all the Fresh Business data: business and liquor licenses, commercial lawsuits, tax liens, judgments and bankruptcies.
The NTSB published transcripts of cockpit conversations that revealed a pair of pilots "deeply engaged in shoptalk," as CBS' Nancy Cordes put it, just minutes before their plane stalled and crashed.
Many leaders hide behind buzzwords, shoptalk and B-school jargon.
As for the people who may not want to devote nearly three hours of their lives to police and newspaper shoptalk, Medavoy says that "there's always been some concern about the movie's length.
Over their decades in business together, the Sommers have succeeded in countering the heated combination of divisive financial decisions and incessant shoptalk.
In this outgrowth of lunchtime shoptalk between gastroenterologists and others treating patients with inflammatory bowel disease, Irving (Institute of Cell and Molecular Science; Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry, London) and UK colleagues introduce 64 chapters taking a refreshingly open approach to treating clinical challenges that IBD presents.
The responses provide a day-in-the-life narrative but also function as shoptalk, as conversations range over the arrangement of the room, preferred brands of paint, how many paintings are worked on at a time, and the ways in which a tool can become a talisman or a fetish.