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1. Tarnished, frayed, faded, or otherwise defective from being on display in a store.
2. Worn-out, as from overuse; trite: shopworn anecdotes.
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the US word for shopsoiled
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(ˈʃɒpˌwɔrn, -ˌwoʊrn)

1. worn or marred, as goods exposed and handled in a store.
2. trite; hackneyed.
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Adj.1.shopworn - worn or faded from being on display in a store; "shopworn merchandise at half price"
worn - affected by wear; damaged by long use; "worn threads on the screw"; "a worn suit"; "the worn pockets on the jacket"
2.shopworn - repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse; "bromidic sermons"; "his remarks were trite and commonplace"; "hackneyed phrases"; "a stock answer"; "repeating threadbare jokes"; "parroting some timeworn axiom"; "the trite metaphor `hard as nails'"
unoriginal - not original; not being or productive of something fresh and unusual; "the manuscript contained unoriginal emendations"; "his life had been unoriginal, conforming completely to the given pattern"- Gwethalyn Graham
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Even half a year of the sausage machines and the fertilizer mill had not been able to kill the thought of Christmas in them; there was a choking in Jurgis' throat as he recalled that the very night Ona had not come home Teta Elzbieta had taken him aside and shown him an old valentine that she had picked up in a paper store for three cents--dingy and shopworn, but with bright colors, and figures of angels and doves.
Your last article on what words and phrases to retire in 2019 gave me a lot to think about when crafting my next write-up, and also a lot to laugh about because I didn't realize how using shopworn words can make you look dated or trying hard.
While they try to ride their shopworn talking points to victory, Arizona voters will respond with something real that's on the line: their bigger paychecks.
Finn does not attempt to conceal the shopworn elements, but confronts them head-on and rings some bracing changes." BARRY FORSHAW
Ryan Coogler's bold, politically charged "Black Panther" represents a whole new animal in the Marvel Comics movie menagerie of superheroes, a different approach that rejects shopworn genre cliches, vague "save the world" goals and lame dialogue imperatives ("Let's get out of here!") abundant in earlier superhero films.
Screenwriters Peter Straughan and Hossein Amini have adapted Jo Nesbo's bestselling 2007 crime novel, and the director is Tomas Alfredson, who with production designer Maria Djurkovic creates that familiar, shopworn, down-at-heel and often shabby world recognisable from his earlier movies such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) and his modern vampire classic Let the Right One In (2008), though here it is always refreshed and made new by the ever-present sparkling snow.
At a time when globalization was being ushered into art via exhibitions that held on to the retrograde binary of the "tribal" versus the "modern," Fisher was ahead of the curve, articulating alternatives to shopworn categories and new multicultural platitudes alike.
Angeline is just as ill-equipped at delivering poems and romantic verses as Jake, but if you don't want any more headache, it's wiser to take the path of least resistance, suspend disbelief that screen lovers are always more-than-proficient at spinning shopworn rhymes and cliches when they're in love, and desist from imposing our 'basag-trip' cynicism while their heads are in the clouds.
Maybe it's too vague, or maybe it gets the balance wrong between thriller and drama, or maybe its thriller plot is a little shopworn and its dramatic side a little mawkish.
across vast sands and under a scatter of stars, just born in a shopworn
The serious neglect of cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment by the county over the years has allowed the interior of the building to become extremely dingy, shabby and shopworn.
But each country views the other's shopworn slogan as a source of menace.