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Noun1.short pants - trousers that end at or above the kneeshort pants - trousers that end at or above the knee
Bermuda shorts, Jamaica shorts - short pants that end at the knee
hot pants - skin-tight very short pants worn by young women as an outer garment
lederhosen - leather shorts often worn with suspenders; worn especially by men and boys in Bavaria
trouser, pant - (usually in the plural) a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately; "he had a sharp crease in his trousers"
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
References in classic literature ?
Through his open mouth his breath came in short pants.
He said the DENR personnel will be escorted by policemen wearing the tourist police office uniform consisting of short pants, shirt and bull cap with a side arm.
He was reportedly getting a beverage from a refrigerator when a man in a cream jacket, ball cap, and short pants, walked toward him.
WHEN I was little and the Queen was young and The Beatles were still in short pants and the telly lived in a cabinet, the memories of wars were everywhere.
It's springtime in Israel and renewal is in the air: Wildflowers are blooming, short pants make their first appearances of the year, and Israel Story, the award-winning podcast, is back for a third season.
Wearing of proper attire during the examination is also required, thus sleeveless shirt/blouse, short pants and slippers are not allowed, he said.
Short pants and your bare legs brambled and nettled in summer.
However, at the time, men were required to wear long trousers rather than skin-tight short pants.
The sleeping bags and short pants launched by Vodafone are called 'Recharge Bags' and 'Power Shorts'.
Dubai: The ban on flip-flops, sandals, short pants, mini-skirts and sleeveless upper garments in the Philippine consulate here continues to catch many visitors unawares.
Waiting for me like games played in short pants with
those who wear short pants and let his beard down to his chest.