short temper

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Noun1.short temper - a feeling of resentful anger
bad temper, ill temper - a persisting angry mood
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This slowness in getting away, now that she had released him, was too much for her short temper.
I spoke, a little way back, of my lady's father, the old lord with the short temper and the long tongue.
And although his second wife was "a simple ignorant woman and somewhat worldly too," with a sharp tongue and short temper, she was kind to her step- children and the home was still a happy one.
Now Taug, come into maturity, was an evil-natured brute of an exceeding short temper.
The Never bird became irritated; they have very short tempers.
He was laying up trouble for himself, for lack of food and short tempers went together; but with the boundless faith of youth he persisted in repeating the manoeuvre every little while, though it never succeeded in gaining anything for him but discomfiture.
And Mr Byrne is said to have: "Displayed a short temper and a lack of tolerance and engaged in angry outbursts.
Nadine Radford QC asked Ms Adams if Rogers had a short temper at times.
The father, known for his very short temper, grabbed a rifle and shot his son in the heat of the moment.
He has a very short temper and tends to bounce from mood to mood.
However, he's just as well known today for his short temper and erratic behaviour as he is for the music he made with the likes of Cream, Blind Faith and Public Image Ltd.
Amid the laughs, Borner clarified, "I don't mean a heavy drinker with a short temper.

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