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Adj.1.short-stemmed - having a short stem
caulescent, cauline, stemmed - (of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground
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Hundreds of broad-headed, short-stemmed, wide-branched oaks, which had witnessed perhaps the stately march of the Roman soldiery, flung their gnarled arms over a thick carpet of the most delicious green sward; in some places they were intermingled with beeches, hollies, and copsewood of various descriptions, so closely as totally to intercept the level beams of the sinking sun; in others they receded from each other, forming those long sweeping vistas, in the intricacy of which the eye delights to lose itself, while imagination considers them as the paths to yet wilder scenes of silvan solitude.
Came the sound of paddles, and, next, emerging into the lantern's area of light, the high, black bow of a war canoe, curved like a gondola, inlaid with silvery-glistening mother-of-pearl; the long lean length of the canoe which was without outrigger; the shining eyes and the black-shining bodies of the stark blacks who knelt in the bottom and paddled; Ishikola, the old chief, squatting amidships and not paddling, an unlighted, empty-bowled, short-stemmed clay pipe upside-down between his toothless gums; and, in the stern, as coxswain, the dandy, all nakedness of blackness, all whiteness of decoration, save for the pig's tail in one ear and the scarlet hibiscus that still flamed over the other ear.
Short-stemmed lilies are easy to care for and make wonderful cut flowers.
It was possible for them to double their buying price of R20 per dozen of the long-stemmed, P15 for the medium-stemmed and P10 for the short-stemmed.
As a result of the recognition of their clinical utility, stemless and short-stemmed humeral-sided devices are available and traditional longer-stemmed devices may see a decrease in usage.
A fantastic new introduction to our range of short-stemmed lilies, each bulb produces coral red flowers with orange centres on sturdy 40cm stems in June and July.
Pat Stanton took a free from mid-field, swung it high into their goal mouth, where short-stemmed Jim O'Rourke took to the heights to get his head above all others - and the ball dropped over the 'keeper's hands into the net, with Martin's body straining like an archer's bow.
Contract notice: Endoprosthesis poresekcyjne cancer, short-stemmed prosthesis with lease instruments.
This means the world has been fed now for a couple of generations by short-stemmed and short-rooted plants, which has had unintended consequences for humans and plants alike.
Chunky, short-stemmed glassware is offered in clear, blue or green with two stemware and two non-stemware options.