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Noun1.short-stop - an acid bath used to stop the action of a developer
developer - photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film
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The Red Sox scored their runs on a solo home run by short-stop Nomar Garciaparra in the first inning, and a sacrifice fly by second baseman Todd Walker in the third, scoring Nixon from third base.
He played starting safety and corner back defense with the football team, was a starting guard of the basketball team and played starting short-stop and pitcher for the baseball team.
Jan and Eleanor, who are living in Bristol, submitted a short-stop motion animation film for Staffordshire University's Gradex 2006 exhibition - and won it.
The short-stop quit Glasgow-based side Stars to join the capital club and Devils' general manager Nick Clark has been impressed.
The Chancellors were 0-23 last year, but coach Ed Campbell says they are much improved with freshman short-stop Jessica Skowron, second baseman Nicole Leigh, and third baseman Ashley Ismerio, who transferred from Granada Hills.
Starters Brandon Webb (23 years old) and Andrew Good (23), first baseman Lyle Overbay (26), second baseman Matt Kata (25) and short-stop Alex Cintron (24) have all shown that Arizona's future is bright.
43 ERA, but the ace hurler will have to pitch softly around Yankee short-stop, Derek Jeter, who is batting at more than .