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Adj.1.short-winged - (especially of certain insects) having very short or rudimentary wings
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
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Caption: Unlike short-winged Galapagos cormorants (below), double-crested cormorants (above) and all other species have a wingspan meant for flying.
They are the first to be positively identified from British Columbia, Canada and have been identified as belonging to an azhdarchoid pterosaur, a group of short-winged and toothless flying reptiles which dominated the final phase of pterosaur evolution.
Last weekend after a particularly intense bout of wittering a very early morning sojourn onto the balcony produced views of the courting culprit calling from atop a satellite antenna followed by fly pasts from the mate presumptive with typical kingfisher flight silhouette, huge bill and top heavy and short-winged.
Other short-winged versions, at the request of Headquarters SAC, Ryan designed specifically to operate at programmable lower altitudes between 500 and 20,000 feet.
ACROSS 1 Small country house 5 Con trick 10 Segment of a circle 11 Spaceman 12 Goes up in flames 13 O OOO15 Current information 17 Star cluster 18 Very well known 20 Dessert 23 Children's home 24 Short-winged coastal bird 25 Thump 26 Childhood illness DOWN 2 Transpire 3 Temporary 4 Field entrances 6 French castle 7 Speechless 8 Port 9 State of belonging nowhere 14 Be involved 16 Poker-faced 19 Empty area 21 Escape 22 Grave
Long-winged morphs are flight-capable, whereas short-winged morphs fly little or cannot fly, although intermediate morphs may also occur in certain species (Tanaka et al.
Most researchers recognize 2 basic female forms--a long-winged dispersive "type form" and an early-maturing, short-winged gravid "second form." However, some investigators have recognized two macropterous forms, "jumpers" and "flyers." Many others have suggested that males, which normally comprise only about 5% of the population, also may exist in 2 forms in various Melittobia species.
XCOR Aerospace, based in Mojave, Calif., unveiled a short-winged rocket-plane it says will be capable of carrying passengers on sub-orbital space flights as early as 2010.
Short-winged, long-tailed and wily, accipiters are agile woodland hawks with a flair for maneuvering through branchy wooded terrain and dashing suddenly into open spaces to grab a meal.
He trained many different kinds of raptors, both falcons and short-winged hawks.
Bright green, with a spiky upturned ovipositor -- an incredible implement like a wasp's sting, but used to burrow in leaves and the earth to hide eggs safely -- it looked as though we had discovered a colony of short-winged cone heads (Who makes up these names?) or were they speckled bushcrickets?
This insect shows alary dimorphism, and the short-winged morph lacks wing muscles and allocates proportionally more of its resources to gonads than the long-winged morph (Mole and Zera 1993).