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A cookie made of flour, sugar, and much butter or other shortening.


(Cookery) a rich crumbly biscuit made from dough with a large proportion of butter
[C19: from short (in the sense: crumbly)]



a butter cookie commonly made in thick, pie-shaped wheels.
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Noun1.shortbread - very rich thick butter cookieshortbread - very rich thick butter cookie  
butter cookie - cookie containing much butter
فَطيرَة الشّاي
smákaka, kex


[ˈʃɔːrtbrɛd] nsablé m


[ˈʃɔːtˌbrɛd] nfrollino, biscotto di pasta frolla


(ʃoːt) adjective
1. not long. You look nice with your hair short; Do you think my dress is too short?
2. not tall; smaller than usual. a short man.
3. not lasting long; brief. a short film; in a very short time; I've a very short memory for details.
4. not as much as it should be. When I checked my change, I found it was 20 cents short.
5. (with of) not having enough (money etc). Most of us are short of money these days.
6. (of pastry) made so that it is crisp and crumbles easily.
1. suddenly; abruptly. He stopped short when he saw me.
2. not as far as intended. The shot fell short.
ˈshortness noun
ˈshortage (-tidʒ) noun
a lack; the state of not having enough. a shortage of water.
ˈshorten verb
to make or become shorter. The dress is too long – we'll have to shorten it.
ˈshortening noun
(especially American) the fat used for making pastry.
ˈshortly adverb
soon. He will be here shortly; Shortly after that, the police arrived.
shorts noun plural
short trousers for men or women.
ˈshortbread noun
a kind of crisp, crumbling biscuit.
ˌshort-ˈchange verb
to cheat (a buyer) by giving him too little change.
short circuit the missing out by an electric current of a part of an electrical circuit (verb ˌshort-ˈcircuit)
ˈshortcoming noun
a fault.
ˈshortcut noun
a quicker way between two places. I'm in a hurry – I'll take a shortcut across the field.
ˈshorthand noun
a method of writing rapidly, using strokes, dots etc to represent sounds.
ˌshort-ˈhanded adjective
having fewer workers than are necessary or usual.
ˈshort-list noun
a list of candidates selected from the total number of applicants for a job etc.
to put on a short-list. We've short-listed three of the twenty applicants.
ˌshort-ˈlived (-ˈlivd) , ((American) -ˈlaivd) adjective
living or lasting only for a short time. short-lived insects; short-lived enthusiasm.
ˌshort-ˈrange adjective
1. not reaching a long distance. short-range missiles.
2. not covering a long time. a short-range weather forecast.
ˌshort-ˈsighted adjective
seeing clearly only things that are near. I don't recognize people at a distance because I'm short-sighted.
ˌshort-ˈsightedly adverb
ˌshort-ˈsightedness noun
ˌshort-ˈtempered adjective
easily made angry. My husband is very short-tempered in the mornings.
ˌshort-ˈterm adjective
1. concerned only with the near future. short-term plans.
2. lasting only a short time. a short-term loan.
by a short head
by a very small amount. to win by a short head.
for short
as an abbreviation. His name is Victor, but we call him Vic for short.
go short
to cause oneself not to have enough of something. Save this carton for tomorrow, or else we'll go short (of milk).
in short
in a few words.
in short supply
not available in sufficient quantity. Fresh vegetables are in short supply.
make short work of
to dispose of very quickly. The children made short work of the ice-cream.
run short
1. (of a supply) to become insufficient. Our money is running short.
2. (with of) not to have enough. We're running short of money.
short and sweet
His reply was short and sweet: `Get out!' he shouted.
short for
an abbreviation of. `Phone' is short for `telephone'; What is `Ltd.' short for?
short of
not as far as or as much as. Our total came to just short of $1,000; We stopped five miles short of London.
References in classic literature ?
And I was sounded as to the advisability of sending him a present of a lippie of shortbread, which was to be her crafty way of getting round him.
4 Bake the shortbreads for between 15 and 20 minutes.
You'd have three slightly different chocolate shortbreads, a caraway twist, a rum variety, a gluten–free one
PARMESAN SHORTBREADS WITH BEETROOT PESTO (Makes 20) BEETROOT PESTO ingredients 200g beetroot, cooked and peeled 30g toasted pine nuts 45g Parmesan cheese, grated 1 clove of garlic 4tbsp olive oil Salt and freshly ground black pepper 20 Parmesan shortbreads (see recipe below) To garnish: 15g toasted pine nuts 10g Parmesan, grated Handful of micro cress method For the pesto, place all the ingredients together in a food processor; pulse until a rough paste forms and the ingredients are well combined.
Sadly, I had to concede that even tied up in red ribbons, homey chocolate shortbreads are just not sexy enough to be gifted .
Simply by updating the recipe, Paterson's has created a shortbread that still retains its deliciously rich and buttery taste and crumbly melt-in-the mouth texture, but is significantly lower in fat than traditional shortbreads.
Crush shortbreads by placing in a sturdy bag and hitting with a rolling pin.
If I had a calculator I could tell you how many of these light and buttery shortbreads I could (and would) eat to reach that daily total.
Traditional all-butter shortbreads, baked in Edinburgh and liberally covered with chocolate.
They now offer a line of Iced Shortbreads that are simply scrumptious
Pure butter shortbread is an all year round favourite, with shortbreads in the shape of a star, christmas tree, bell and Santa Claus, all attractively packaged.