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tr.v. short·changed, short·chang·ing, short·chang·es
1. To give (someone) less change than is due in a transaction.
2. To treat unfairly or deceitfully; cheat: "a deceitful cook who skimps on ingredients and shortchanges guests" (Jacques Pepin).

short′chang′er n.



v.t. -changed, -chang•ing.
1. to give less than the correct change to.
2. to cheat; defraud.
[1890–95, Amer.]
short′chang′er, n.
übers Ohr hauen
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Army Secretary John McHugh said, "We will continue to look for efficiencies and best practices, but the bottom line is we will not shortchange our soldiers and their families."
At the core of these inequities is a set of school finance policy choices that systematically shortchange low-income and minority students and the schools and districts that serve them.
"In just four years, the federal government has broken its promise of adequate funding by $27 billion and the president's budget for the upcoming year would shortchange children and schools by another $12 billion, leaving millions of children behind."
But don't the haven countries shortchange their own citizens by offering such favorable conditions for multinational corporations?
In the Realms of the Unreal, Yu's Academy Award-short-listed documentary feature (which recently opened in New York and San Francisco), is a cozy, ingratiating introduction to Darger, yet it doesn't shortchange the peculiarities that permitted such a free fall of fascinating aesthetic decisions in his work.
But experts warn that companies must not shortchange their cybersecurity defenses.
A group of political activists, called Shortchange, have started an on-line petition to have her de-selected as the Labour candidate for Ladywood at the next general election.
Nursing homes are continuing to see red when it comes to state Medicaid funding for nursing home care: Collectively, states shortchange providers and residents at least $4.1 billion annually, according to the third annual BDO Seidman report prepared for the American Health Care Association (AHCA).
In this fascinating ethnography, Herb Childress demonstrates how our buildings and landscapes (and the institutions that shape them) systematically shortchange our kids, eliminating opportunities for challenge and growth and encouraging their passivity.
It is very difficult to compare and if you do an RFP you either shortchange yourself or a portion of the vendors depending upon what you put in the specification or what you leave out.
"Two, live speed, but do not shortchange the due diligence process.
A federal judge in Florida is deciding whether to approve class-action status for several cases alleging that health plans used M&R guidelines to deliberately shortchange patients relative to the amount of care the plans say they will cover.