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(ˈʃɔrtˌgræs, -ˌgrɑs)

any of several range grasses of short stature, as buffalo grass, prevalent in semiarid regions of the Great Plains.
[1835–45, Amer.]
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Noun1.shortgrass - any of various grasses that are short and can tolerate drought conditions; common on the dry upland plains just east of the Rocky Mountains
grass - narrow-leaved green herbage: grown as lawns; used as pasture for grazing animals; cut and dried as hay
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Oklahoma is a large state encompassing three major prairie types: tall-grass prairie to the east, shortgrass prairie in the western sections of the panhandle, and mixed-grass prairie situated between the two (Risser et al.
The shortgrass steppe of northern Colorado follows this pattern, with between 20 and 40% plant basal cover, most of which ([approximately equal to]90%) is made up by the perennial bunchgrass Bouteloua gracilis (H.
Plant community and cattle responses to fifty years of grazing on shortgrass prairie.
Most grasshoppers of the North American Great Plains are widely distributed, with ranges that encompass eastern tallgrass, western shortgrass and northern mixed grass prairies that comprise the natural vegetation across broad expanses of this region (Daubenmire, 1978; Otte, 1981, 1984; Sims, 1988; Pfadt, 1994).
Relationships between soil type and soil nematodes in a shortgrass prairie.
In the shortgrass prairie region of NE Colorado, it has been shown that B.
This mountain region embraces a wide array of vegetation, including shortgrass steppe, shrub-steppe, montane pine and fir forests, subalpine forests, and alpine tundra.
March 26 at Touchmark at Coffee Creek, 2801 Shortgrass Rd.
Types of rangelands include tallgrass and shortgrass prairies, desert grasslands and shrublands, woodlands, savannas, chaparrals, steppes, and tundras.
Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico Owned by media mogul and conservationist Ted Turner, this property, a 585,000-acre expanse of terrain ranging from shortgrass prairie to alpine tundra, offers themed photography packages three times a year.
Much of it consists of shortgrass prairie that offers little in the way of cover or food.