(of an animal) having short hair lying close to the body.
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Different dog breeds are known for certain behaviors, like a Border Collie herding sheep or a German Shorthaired Pointer indicating a bird.
If your hamster is shorthaired, then he will groom himself, but if he does seem dirty this may indicate that he is unwell and needs to see a vet.
The top 10 dog breeds in the United States in 2018 remained unchanged from last year except for the rise of the German shorthaired pointer and the decline of the Yorkshire terrier, which swapped ninth and tenth ranks, said the AKC, the world's largest purebred dog registry, based in New York City.
Cooper, 43, previously had two rescue dogs, German shorthaired pointer Samson and Chow Retriever mix Charlotte, whom he once called aACoehis kids.aACA[yen] Charlie holds a special place in his heart though, as heaACAOs named for CooperaACAOs late father.
Satsumais two-month-old domestic shorthaired orange and white female kitten.
"The animals in her care were a 12-year-old Jack Russell dog, a 15-year-old female domestic shorthaired cat, and a budgie.
Dogs best-suited for long, steady runs are Weimaraners, German shorthaired pointers, Vizlas and Jack Russell terriers because of their medium build and well-muscled hind quarters.
Q: My lovely little 12-year-old male black and white shorthaired cat, Krystal, has scabs all over his body.
Rhubarb is a six-year-old black and white shorthaired female, while Custard is five, and white haired.
There were some banging outfits and a cameo from a hot, shorthaired Aidan.
Kona One year old German Shorthaired Pointer from Stirling.
Julie, 34, from Salford, brought along her three-year-old shorthaired dachshund called Deefa to the event.