(of an animal) having short hair lying close to the body.
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Ron and Kathy Tufford of Smithville, Ontario, are the owners of this eight-week-old German shorthaired pointer, SADIE.
amp;nbsp;a German Shorthaired Pointer, won the top prize and the year before that, Miss P the Beagle was "Best In Show.
Shiloh German Shorthaired Pointer (8), owned by Lorraine Scott, Bannockburn
Shorthaired animals benefit from a warm coat on walks.
She was nowhere close to as good as my brother's German shorthaired pointer, Kate.
A greater fe/f ratio was recorded for the Slovak White Shorthaired, Italian Girgentana and Iranian Markhoz goat breeds (Portolano et al.
Q My 7-year-old male domestic shorthaired cat has recently begun to bite me, not on a regular basis, but at times when I least exect it.
Q: My 20-year-old male domestic shorthaired cat has started weeing in the same place in the hallway.
Some shorthaired dogs need only a weekly brushing, but others such as Labrador Retrievers and Beagles shed heavily and may need to be brushed more often to keep the hair under control.
WAY TO UNWIND AFTER A LONG DAY "I love being greeted by the dogs (Turley and Saxum, two German shorthaired pointers, and Lucy, an English bulldog) and having an adult beverage of some sort.
A CCTV image of a shorthaired male, wearing what appears to be a blue hoodie, has been released by Northumbria Police, who want to speak to the man.
Married to Mark, an electrical engineer, and living in Biggar with their three German shorthaired Pointers and one Jack Russell, Colonel Stephanie is responsible for all the Army Cadets and Reservist recruiting in Scotland and spends most of her time visiting units, attending meetings and engaging with external agencies.