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A domestic cat with a short-haired coat, especially an American shorthair.


(Breeds) a short-haired cat
(Breeds) having short fur


1. a domestic cat having short, close-lying fur.
2. any of several breeds of medium-sized domestic cats having a short, dense coat.
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Amongst the most known were Persians, British Shorthairs, Scottish Folds, Himalayans, Siberians and many others.
While they more closely resembled Labs, they were a bit leaner and a little more nimble than either Labs or shorthairs.
This includes breeds like pugs, bulldogs and British shorthairs," said Dr Elliot.
Breeds prone to HCM include Maine Coons, American Shorthairs and Ragdolls.
I have been fortunate enough to bag a number of rabbits while out hunting grouse and woodcock, but only when they have first been pointed by my German shorthairs.
People from all over the UK took their marvellous moggies to the two-day show hosted by The Viking Cat Club at Sports Connexion and kept the judges busy as they cast their expert eyes and hands over a number of different breeds, including Siberians, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, Exotics, Sacred Birmans, British Shorthairs, Cornish Rex, Burmese and Siamese.
2%) were domestic shorthairs, while 6% were long hair and 2% were semi-long hair.
Shorthairs, most spaniel breeds, and other non-conventional duck dogs lack this undercoat--I love my springers, but don't allow them prolonged exposure to water below 40 degrees.
Other pedigrees to score highly were Birmans, Somalis, Siamese, Russian blues and exotic shorthairs.
Tampa hunter Tom Loughlin often runs his three German shorthairs on Wildlife Management Areas from the Panhandie to South Florida.
With the Persian shorthairs, that means a "cobby," or short and square body; a rectangular or round head, small ears on the side, rounded at the tips; a stub nose; big bone on the legs.
American Shorthairs are excellent hunters and jumpers, and affectionate family pets.