shortleaf pine

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short·leaf pine

A pine tree (Pinus echinata) of the southeast United States, having needles grouped in fascicles of two and valued as timber and pulpwood.

short′leaf pine′

1. a pine, Pinus echinata, of the eastern U.S., having short, flexible leaves.
2. its brownish yellow wood, used in construction, furniture-making, etc.
[1790–1800, Amer.]
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Noun1.shortleaf pine - large pine of southern United States having short needles in bunches of 2-3 and red-brown bark when matureshortleaf pine - large pine of southern United States having short needles in bunches of 2-3 and red-brown bark when mature
yellow pine - any of various pines having yellow wood
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The structure and development of old field shortleaf pine stands and certain associated physical properties of the soil.
Tenders are invited for all labor and materials necessary to plant sld provided shortleaf pine seedlings on 1103 +/- acres of forever wild lands.
Caribbean pine wood is similar, but of lower quality because of color, density, size and orientation of the fiber, to that of southern pines of the US such as longleaf pine (Pinus palustris), shortleaf pine (P.
Forest Service, who notes that altered fire regimes have contributed to the imperilment of the shortleaf pine forest, which once covered much of the eastern half of the United States, from New Jersey to Florida and west to Oklahoma.
8m in additional funds and in-kind support from agency and project partners and will ultimately establish nearly 5,300 new acres and enhance approximately 58,000 existing acres of longleaf and shortleaf pine and riparian forest habitat, concluded the partnership.
The pathogen arrived mysteriously in the United States 200 years ago and soon transformed the landscape of the Southeast by wiping out American chestnut and shortleaf pine forests.
Several hundred acres of shortleaf pine forest habitat were damaged due to the tornado activity in the region.
In a chronosequence of shortleaf pine stands that had developed from abandoned farmland, Billings (1938) reported that the initially high rate of increase in SOM in the A2 horizon slowed through time.
Five-year response of natural loblolly and shortleaf pine regeneration to release treatments.
Shortleaf pine forest is sparse, covering only about 3% (80 ha.