shortness of breath

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Noun1.shortness of breath - a dyspneic condition
dyspnea, dyspnoea - difficult or labored respiration
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Captain Duncan demanded in a smothered voice wherein struggled anger and shortness of breath.
Her explanation, defective only in being -- from her irritation of nerves and shortness of breath -- no explanation at all, was instantly given.
He even robbed Grey Beaver's snare of a rabbit at a time when Grey Beaver staggered and tottered through the forest, sitting down often to rest, what of weakness and of shortness of breath.
Moreover, they are paid for this and receive honour--the greatest honour, as might be expected, from tyrants, and the next greatest from democracies; but the higher they ascend our constitution hill, the more their reputation fails, and seems unable from shortness of breath to proceed further.
Mr Flintwinch, who had spun backward some two or three yards under the impetus last given to him, brought himself up with a face completely unchanged in its stolidity except as it was affected by shortness of breath, and looked hard at Arthur.
My visiting time is later this year than usual, for I have been rather troubled with shortness of breath, and so put it off till the weather was fine and warm.
Not of old had he known shortness of breath such as this, and muscles that so easily tired at a stiff climb.
My dear Benjamin,' said the old lady, struggling with a great shortness of breath, and trembling from head to foot, 'don't be alarmed, my dear, but I think I had better speak to Mr.
The shortness of breath took all fire, all animation out of his voice; his great, pale cheeks hung like filled pouches, motionless, without a quiver; but in his blue eyes, narrowed as if peering, there was the same look of confident shrewdness, a little crazy in its fixity, they must have had while the indomitable optimist sat thinking at night in his cell.
A Initially, if patients are experiencing very mild shortness of breath then it might be worth them visiting their local pharmacy.
Yet, women were more likely than men to report other associated symptoms of heart attack, such as indigestion, shortness of breath, palpitations or pain in the jaw, neck, or arms.
TMZ first reported Lee's hospitalisation early on Thursday, stating that Lee had been admitted for shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat on Wednesday night.