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1. Nearsighted; myopic.
2. Lacking foresight.

short′sight′ed·ly adv.
short′sight′ed·ness n.


(ˈʃɔrtˈsaɪ tɪd)

1. nearsighted.
2. lacking in foresight.
short′sight′ed•ly, adv.
short′sight′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.shortsighted - lacking foresight or scope; "a short view of the problem"; "shortsighted policies"; "shortsighted critics derided the plan"; "myopic thinking"
improvident - not provident; not providing for the future
2.shortsighted - unable to see distant objects clearly
3.shortsighted - not given careful consideration; "ill-considered actions often result in disaster"; "an ill-judged attempt"
imprudent - not prudent or wise; "very imprudent of her mother to encourage her in such silly romantic ideas"; "would be imprudent for a noneconomist to talk about the details of economic policy"- A.M.Schlesinger
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Talking to media at the Jammu & Kashmir House Friday, the AJK president regretted that India once again had shortsightedly rejected the offer.
Talking to media at the Jammu and Kashmir House Friday, the AJK president regretted that India once again had shortsightedly rejected the offer.
The governor continued saying, for those who shortsightedly see Gateway as just a tunnel for commuters from New Jersey to get into New York, or for Jets and Giants fans to get to New Jersey, allow me to dispel the fallacy in such thinking.
It is no longer a matter of shortsightedly selling but more a matter building a relationship, a long-term partnership.
We're told that these public lands are necessary to ensure that America's resources are used wisely, the thought being that if left to their own devices, people will shortsightedly wreck these resources.
It was also at this point that Ron realised he had - perhaps shortsightedly - signed his own name on his first letter to the KKK.
After that, she proceeds to talk (definitely shortsightedly) about
But you would think wrong and most definitely shortsightedly.
The US-backed secessionists are shortsightedly stubborn, which gives every right to Damascus to force integration.
Sure, it's easy to say that this is just the grinding inertia of capitalism and lament those early, idealistic days when we, perhaps shortsightedly, thought of social networks as Utopian playgrounds of free exchange and communication.
But it was expediently and shortsightedly demolished by the publiclyfunded Newtown South Aston City Challenge Company as an easy way of spending the company's first PS5million tranche of annual income.
Muldoon's publisher shortsightedly refused his choice of cover image, but it would have made a witty companion to the implications of his title.