shot hole

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shot hole

1. A drilled hole in which an explosive charge is placed before detonation.
2. A small hole in bark, leaves, fruit, or another plant part caused by an insect or a disease.

shot hole



(Mining & Quarrying) a drilled hole into which explosive is put for blasting

shot′ hole`

a condition in plants in which small, rounded spots drop out of the leaves, appearing as if the leaves were riddled by shot, resulting from infection or injury.



a hole drilled in rock, coal, ore, etc., to hold explosives used in blasting.
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Noun1.shot hole - drill hole for a charge of an explosive
bore-hole, drill hole, bore - a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes
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The winners had an eagle for Lister on the third and seven net birdies with no dropped shots, while the runners up had eight net birdies with Sandie carding on all his shot holes.
I think it shows that the debate we had on the floor of the Senate shot holes in how perfect of an idea (Democrats) think this is and they quickly realized it and are trying to correct those issues." As introduced, the bill created a more streamlined and modernized process for the approval and funding of school construction projects across the state as well as recommending $400 million annually be earmarked for school building and renovation.
Sailors then shot holes in different parts of the fishing boat, causing it to sink.
While "New" Western historians shot holes in Turner's thesis, the myths of the Old West prevailed.
Live oil was also recovered at one of the shot holes in the seismic survey.
He had close calls when the enemy shot holes in his plane, but the repetition of missions brought out a feeling of sameness.
They shot holes through the arguments put up in favour of winding down their numbers - and vented a heartfelt lack of faith in their commanders.
As at the current date approximately 900 of 1300 shot holes have been drilled and loaded with explosives.
Some set fire to the green flag of Gaddafi's regime and shot holes in a poster with the leader's image, according to the AP.
Field autopsies on our geese showed a significant amount of radial tissue damage around the shot holes, symptomatic of high velocity impact.
There were 23 shot holes in the window, and the hail of pellets had also hit the house next door, and a car on the man's driveway, smashing a rear window.
Can the images of a poem spray buck shot holes into the body of a greenback stuffed sheet wearing shoat?