shotgun shell

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Noun1.shotgun shell - a shell containing lead shotshotgun shell - a shell containing lead shot; used in shotguns
bird shot, buckshot, duck shot - small lead shot for shotgun shells
shell - ammunition consisting of a cylindrical metal casing containing an explosive charge and a projectile; fired from a large gun
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It's something like a mini 12-gauge shotgun shell that lacks any sort of solid projectile.
This model holds a case of 10 shotgun shell boxes, and their bigger model will double that.
THE Fine Gael Ard Fheis was evacuated yesterday after an empty shotgun shell was found on the stage.
Hand a world champion trapshooter a shotgun shell that only travels 800 fps and you will see him miss the target every time.
I walked over to get a closer look and I'll be darned if that stupid dog didn't have a high-brass 12-gauge shotgun shell protruding from his butt.
Some pellets from the exploding shotgun shell hit Abalo in the head, Ajoc said.
We received a report that one of the conscripts working with the security forces randomly shot at protesters in a fit of rage after his colleague was injured due to a shotgun shell during the demonstration by the governorate building," said Suez Police Chief Major General Adel Reft.
Rather than follow a narrative or documentary trajectory, the work leaps from one synecdochical fragment to the next--a burning house, bloody footprints in the snow, a rusty jack-knife planted in a scarred wall, and a spent shotgun shell are just a few of the images in the book.
Delta flight was delayed in Milwaukee after a passenger found a live shotgun shell A Delta Air Lines flight from Milwaukee to Detroit was delayed on Wednesday Nov.
It's a gun cleaning kit designed to look like a giant shotgun shell.
If you love the smell of a just-fired shotgun shell or doves pulled from the vest, but find the snap of an aluminum can tab and foaming beverages a little crass for good friends and special occasions, this is your drink.