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"I know when I got pregnant, a lot of people were assuming, 'Oh, they'll just do a shotgun wedding'.
The question is whether this shidduch between God's word and natural law is a union of two besherts or a shotgun wedding that leaves both parties miserable.
I WANT to fly the Dreamliner.Imagine that the latest fracas in the long running shotgun wedding soap opera of Air India and Indian Airlines is that erstwhile Indian Airlines pilots want to fly the Dreamliner.
It followed a report by a cross-party committee of MPs which described the proposals as a shotgun wedding.
The measure of hypocrisy and expediency it will now have to settle for is apparent in its shotgun wedding with the BSP.
To that end, this month's feature "Improving Business Processes After a Merger" (page 98) offers practical tips on smoothing the transition following what often is Wall Street's version of a shotgun wedding.
One son, Bill (Anthony Johnston), is the easygoing type, about to enter into a shotgun wedding with his pregnant girlfriend.
Adjoua has her own problems: she gets pregnant, declares Moussa to be the father, and two weeks later we see their shotgun wedding, which features skunked beer, no cutlery and a bride and groom who are both sporting black eyes.
Cedar Campbell is the product of a shotgun wedding. Her mother, Kate, is 19 when she gives birth to her first child.
"It sort of has the feel of a shotgun wedding between two people who have never even kissed yet," said Wendy Rader-Konafalski, representing the Washington Federation of Teachers.
IT managers save everyone a lot of headaches when they choose programs known to "play well" with each other instead of forcing a shotgun wedding. Team up Windows XP and Office XP, for example, then add Encarta Class Server to manage and deliver curriculum to any Web-enabled device.