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Adv.1.shoulder-to-shoulder - side by side and close together; "the troops marched shoulder-to-shoulder"
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Pakistanis are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their Kashmiris brothers,' she added.
Army Health Care Team, you'll work shoulder-to-shoulder with recognized leaders in their fields, use the most sophisticated technology, learn from extensive case diversity and benefit from educational opportunities that will help you develop your skills and prepare you to advance.
Pakistan stands shoulder-to-shoulder with its Afghan brethren in their anguish and mourning.
Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Parliamentarian president and former president Asif Ali Zardari has and the political parties of the country to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the armed forces in order to uproot terrorism in the country, the statement reads, adding the backbone of the facilitators and aides of terrorists in the country has been crushed through operation Zarb-e Azb.
The military chief said the Balikatan exercises "demonstrated that the only way to overcome these challenges is for everyone to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, which speaks of a global bayanihan.
From where I was, it looked a shoulder-to-shoulder challenge.
Funkmaster Flex and Cipha Sounds played classics and hits to the shoulder-to-shoulder, Bass Ale drinking crowd.
But these shoulder-to-shoulder blokes are not shouldering any rifles or going anywhere near the front line.
Video evidence shows clearly the only contact was shoulder-to-shoulder.
He would work shoulder-to-shoulder with you even though he was a CEO.
They should remember they are going to be shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers" she says.
NOTTINGHAM'S Chief Constable says he has too few police to combat crime - so why is it that on Notts County and Notts Forest match days, police are shoulder-to-shoulder around each ground instead of doing more important work?