shout down

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A loud cry.
tr. & intr.v. shout·ed, shout·ing, shouts
To say with or utter a shout. See Synonyms at yell.
Phrasal Verb:
shout down
To overwhelm or silence by shouting loudly.

[Middle English shoute, perhaps from Old Norse skūta, a taunt; see skeud- in Indo-European roots.]

shout′er n.

shout down

(tr, adverb) to drown, overwhelm, or silence by shouting or talking loudly
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Verb1.shout down - silence or overwhelm by shouting
silence, still, hush, hush up, quieten, shut up - cause to be quiet or not talk; "Please silence the children in the church!"

w>shout down

vt sep personniederbrüllen; playausbuhen
References in classic literature ?
Americans deserve better, and in this city today there are people who want to do better, and so I say to all of you here, let us resolve to reform our politics, so that power and privilege no longer shout down the voice of the people.
below there!" I heard Latimer shout down the scuttle, too cautious to descend into the inferno of passion he could hear raging beneath him in the darkness.
TOM Watson has urged Labour members to "call out" people who shout down those who raise concerns about anti-Semitism.
Get over yourselves people trying to shout down a 16 year old who wants to contribute #GretaThunberg @JaneFallon Has anyone said "it's my way or the Hua Wei" yet?
Brexit has been one of the most divisive issues of our lifetime, but the attempts to shout down and intimidate voices on either side of the debate who do not share a particular narrow view is simply unacceptable.
Firstly he asks why arch Brexiteers deem it relevant to shout down those of the opposite viewpoint.