shove away


w>shove away

vt sep (inf)wegstoßen, wegschubsen (inf)
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But McAlister managed to stay on his feet soon after with a low drive which Langfield did well to shove away from the corner.
Half a dozen rides back, he's demonstrated that he lacks nothing in fitness and the will to win still burns strong, as he showed when continuing to shove away on front-running She's Humble at Huntingdon.
4-litre diesel engine and while it didn't give much of a shove away from traffic lights, it had the cruising ability of a Boeing, thanks only in part, I suspect, to the six-speed manual gearbox.
9) BLOCKHEAD: Uses its armored head to shove away enemies.
When inserting a laparoscopic trocar, many surgeons grab the top of the trocar and shove away At times the fascia is very tough, requiring a good deal of downward pressure.
But Frank said he didn't even touch him - he just wanted to shove away the player, and that it was a little bit of acting.
Republic of Ireland international Kiely three times denied Juan Pablo Angel, and reacted superbly to shove away Steve Staunton's net-bound header.
But they know, too, that Keane is one mistimed tackle, one angry remark or one petulant shove away from another yellow card tonight and the double agony of missing a second shot at the big prize.