shove back

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w>shove back

vt sep (inf) chair etczurückschieben; sb, platezurückstoßen, zurückschubsen (inf); (= replace)zurücktun; (into pocket etc) → wieder hineinstecken
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References in classic literature ?
Shove back all English half-pence and base copper tokens, such as are very plenty about town!
We'd soon be against the wall if we didn't shove back at those that were pushing us."
In fact, Diokno pushed and shove back those who tried to skewer him over his imagined connection to an obviously "favored" contractor company that suspiciously cornered infrastructure projects funded in the annual budget of the government.
And the harder the PRC pushes, the more other nations shove back, most notably in its own neighborhood, as Southeast Asian nations increasingly welcome Indian and Japanese military involvement.
Tavernier had a shove back in the melee with ref John Beaton giving both a yellow.
I am not quite sure how the police horses came into the equation if terrorism was the threat, but they'd have been useful to shove back any gravity-defying protesters who'd managed to scale the Wall of Steel.
Referee Michael Bull decided that the defender had transgressed into sending-off territory while Kitson's two-handed shove back was only deemed worthy of a caution.
NO DOUBT Push And Shove Back from their 11-year break, the new album from No Doubt, fronted by Gwen Stefani, is a party-ready album that will get you in the mood for the dancefloor.
Liu's 303-page book stands out for its boldness in a recent chorus of strong voices demanding a hard shove back against Washington over the US' arms sale to Taiwan and US President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama.
His 303-page book stands out for its boldness even in a recent chorus of strident Chinese voices demanding a hard shove back against Washington over trade, Tibet, human rights, and arms sales to Taiwan, the self-ruled island Beijing claims as its own.
Unlike Podhoretz, however, I felt no desire to shove back, and the boys left me alone after that.
Flight director Paul Hill said engineers will spend the next day analysing the situation and to decide whether to have the crew's two spacewalkers cut, pull out or shove back in the hanging material.