shove down


w>shove down

vt sep (inf: = put) → hinlegen, hinwerfen (inf); (= write)hinschmieren (inf), → aufschreiben
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References in classic literature ?
Only that Adamu gives me a shove down on the bottom-boards, puts one foot on me to hold me down, and goes on steering.
One of them then lit the fuse and the whole thing was given a shove down the stairway, while the detachment turned and scampered to a safe distance.
Some fans were quick to shove down such a rumour, while others had a completely different theory, which could be supported by Taylor's arm candy.
And now his long-suffering stepmum Jane faces his anger management issues when Bobby (left) gives her a shove down the stairs.
Not how many eggs shops can sell and kids shove down their throats Wendy Evans LAMBS, daffodils, chocolate, start of spring.
In fact, it sometimes seems that everything we shove down our throats is poison.
Seven days under a blue sky in an all-inclusive hotel with as much food and drink as I could shove down my throat.
All they have to do is put rollers on the casket and give it a shove down Arlington Boulevard.
"Most of our competitors have proprietary software they try to shove down their clients' throats," Montoya says.
"I've come a long way from the four cans of Stella, bottle of brandy and anything that I could shove down my gullet in a night" -Artist Tracey Emin on her drinking habits.
As each works to adjust to the move not only to Denmark but also into an old house unexplained and frightening events--odors of cigarette smoke an exploding wine glass a shove down the basement steps--threaten both Katrinas sanity and her marriage.