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 (shŭv′ə-lər, shŭv′lər)
Variant of shoveler.
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Noun1.shoveller - a worker who shovelsshoveller - a worker who shovels; "a shoveler of coal"
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
2.shoveller - freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat billshoveller - freshwater duck of the northern hemisphere having a broad flat bill
duck - small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs
Anas, genus Anas - type genus of the Anatidae: freshwater ducks
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Tim Shoveller, Managing Director of Stagecoach Rail, said: Were very proud that Stagecoach is leading the way in the industry as Top Employers in our East Midlands Trains and Virgin Trains East Coast businesses.
Rusch ML, Shoveller JA, Burgess S, Stancer K, Patrick DM, Tyndall MW.
This can lead to heteronormative assumptions and discomfort in assessment of the LGBT patients' life experiences and needs (Knight, Shoveller, Carson, & Contreras-Whitney, 2014).
Investigacoes com usuarias observam que o sentimento de vergonha e recorrente no discurso das mulheres, constituindo barreira ao uso do metodo, pois ha receio de serem estigmatizadas e seu comportamento social e sexual julgado (Jean SHOVELLER et al.
This perpetuates the feeling among health care professionals of not being prepared to care for LGBT patients (Knight, Shoveller, Carson, & Contreras-Whitney, 2014).
However, he might be made a shoveller or a drawer of water.
Y el que haya un grupo de jovenes que resignifica en su vida cotidiana lo que representa la masculinidad hegemonica y el poder, coincide en este caso con lo encontrado recientemente en Canada por Doull, Oliffe, Knight y Shoveller (2013), quienes argumentan que la nueva generacion esta reconformando las caracteristicas de la masculinidad ideal al incorporar particularidades mas cercanas a sus propias experiencias de vida (igualdad y emotividad).
On day three, Tim Shoveller, managing director of the South West Trains-Network Rail Alliance, will discuss efforts to improve services through co-ordination of train operations and infrastructure management.
The old Keehan place is only a hundred acres now, but Miss Ethyl Evercreach, the book shoveller at the Carnegie Free Public Library, is an old-times expert and might go far if she wasn't a Democrat.
During this period, the Asan reserve becomes home to a variety of globally endangered species such as brahminy duck, pintail, red crested pochard, gadwall, common pochard, mallard, coot, wigeon, common teal, tufted duck and shoveller.