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show biz

n. Informal
Show business.

show′-biz′, show′biz′ (shō′bĭz′) adj.


nshowbiz m
modif [lifestyle] → digne d'une vedette du showbiz; [stars, world] → du showbiz showbiz column, showbiz reportershowbiz column nrubrique f showbizshowbiz reporter n journaliste spécialisé dans le showbizshow business nshow-business m
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I got to know comedy actor Kiray Celis because she's a favorite subject of fellow showbiz talk show host, Shalala, in his fun blind item segment in our now-defunct TV5 show(fun naman po
Incidentally, Alonzo and Wurtzbach share the same showbiz beginnings since they were launched in the now-defunct teen-oriented show 'K2BU' alongside Shaina Magdayao and former actress Angeline Aguilar.
Samina Peerzada is one showbiz person who has held her own over the years and while she has faced many ups and downs both personally and in her showbiz career, she is very much in control of herself.
The oldest two, Virl, If you Showbiz for Sam, to: Showbiz Daily Central Quay, G3 8DA r.
By BONFACE NYAGAThe year 2017 was a dark one for showbiz, like all other industries, politics totally ruined the party.
ISLAMABAD -- The showbiz stars invited strong public denunciation for smoking live on camera in a cricket match between their two teams played at Moin Khan Cricket Academy Ground Karachi.
Only two weeks after his diagnosis, Paul left the showbiz circuit to join Bowie, Lemmy and Alan Rickman.
Karachi -- The law-enforcement agencies on Wednesday arrested an operative of banned organization and recovered a hit list of nearly 18 high-profile showbiz personalities.
Because Amanda is smart enough to know as soon as they start sliding southwards, her showbiz career follows right behind.
BSS Showbiz has always relied on using the Hippodrome's pre-show empty foyer spaces for Saturday morning rehearsals, before staging productions at the in-house Patrick Centre, the New Alexandra Theatre and Birmingham Town Hall.
Showbiz writer and broadcaster Neil has penned Live from the London Palladium about some of the biggest stars who have appeared on stage there.
THEIR bitter quarrel has been simmering for six years - but showbiz veterans Bruce Forsyth and Lionel Blair have finally buried the hatchet.