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1. A long irregular strip that is cut or torn off.
2. A small amount; a particle: not a shred of evidence.
v. shred·ded or shred, shred·ding, shreds
a. To cut or tear into shreds.
b. To use a mechanical shredder to shred (paper documents, for example).
v.intr. Slang
1. To make a series of quick turns on a wave or snow, for example, when riding a board such as a surfboard or snowboard.
2. To play fast solos accompanied by special techniques on the electric guitar.

[Middle English shrede, from Old English scrēade.]
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Adj.1.shredded - prepared by cutting; "sliced tomatoes"; "sliced ham"; "chopped clams"; "chopped meat"; "shredded cabbage"
cut - separated into parts or laid open or penetrated with a sharp edge or instrument; "the cut surface was mottled"; "cut tobacco"; "blood from his cut forehead"; "bandages on her cut wrists"
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Into this he crumbled a few bits of dry bark, minutely shredded, after which he inserted the tip of his pointed stick, and, sitting astride the bole of the tree, spun the slender rod rapidly between his palms.
He has tossed in his hand squadrons of war-scarred three-deckers, and shredded out in mere sport the bunting of flags hallowed in the traditions of honour and glory.
The next moment Clarence had made his spring; the gilded youths had shredded away like a mist, and he was leaning towards her, opening negotiations for the purchase of a yellow Teddy-bear at sixteen times its face value.
Shredded mozzarella cheese remains a topselling variant, with demand underpinned by growing adoption in fast-foods, especially pizzas.
Additionally, growing preference for shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese among pizza providers will continue to underpin demand for cheese shreds to a significant extent.
Guests may bring up to two cardboard boxes full of items to be safely shredded, including old bank statements, tax returns, bills, receipts, credit card applications and outdated medical records.
Tenders are invited for Slaughter, pruning, shredding, handling, loading and transport of shredded wood
These bottles are at present being exported in their shredded forms to China.
In a message to reporters, Guevarra confirmed that trash bags containing shredded papers came from the Office of the Justice Secretary, but he cleared Aguirre of ordering the shredding.
While there were shredded papers from the office of the Secretary of Justice, newly appointed Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Sunday said it was not his predecessor, former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II, who ordered the destruction of voluminous documents.
"Assuming, for the sake of argument that it was true, what is wrong with shredding papers when what were shredded were already considered waste?" asked Aguirre.
The 108-year-old farmer-owned cooperative from Oregon, Tillamook County Creamery Association, has unveiled a complete reformulation of its shredded cheese products.