shrimp cocktail

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Noun1.shrimp cocktail - a cocktail of cold cooked shrimp and a sauceshrimp cocktail - a cocktail of cold cooked shrimp and a sauce
cocktail - an appetizer served as a first course at a meal
prawn, shrimp - any of various edible decapod crustaceans
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Start with a choice of Caesar salad, shrimp cocktail or lobster bisque before moving on to a 6-ounce filet paired with a choice of crabcake, lobster tail or scallops Oreganata.
It was apparently his fifth win - from eating 10 pounds and 6.4 ounces of shrimp cocktail - including the spicy sauce at the St Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship.
Uncorked is a lounge-style wine bar located at Terminal 5 Pier F, offering passengers an extensive wine list and a menu serving early morning breakfasts and classic Swedish dishes, from shrimp cocktail to meatballs.
The Grille also adds three new, healthful seafood interpretations to its ever-growing menu: a BBQ Shrimp Cobb Salad, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail appetizer and a Mediterranean Shrimp Bowl featuring turmeric/
From seafood chowder to chunky tuna salads, shrimp cocktail, cured marlin and fish tikka salad, get a fresh taste of the great blue sea at the centrally located Malvenpick Hotel Colombo.
I devoured tuna tartare on toast, shrimp cocktail and salmon rillette, washed down with fizz and a blood orange cocktail.
Shrimp Cocktail 26/30 with a UPC code of 99479-5XXXX and a production date of 08 25 18 and 08 26 18.
A shrimp cocktail is invariably a handful of fat prawn tails, some shredded lettuce and a big serving of this sauce for dipping.
Market offerings include duck confit, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes and marinated octopus salad.
TRY the famous shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate, Las Vegas's oldest casino.
There were Kumamoto oysters with Nobu sauce, Shrimp Cocktail in martini glasses, Norwegian Salmon Tataki in Karashi Su Miso, and Tuna Sashimi Salad Skewers with Matsuhisa Dressing.
The menu features items such as colossal shrimp cocktail, lump crabmeat, sliced beef tenderloin, local pompano, strawberry shortcake and Oceans 234's famous Chocolate Trilogy.