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v. shrank (shrăngk) or shrunk (shrŭngk), shrunk or shrunk·en (shrŭng′kən), shrink·ing, shrinks
a. To become or appear to become smaller: The shadows shrank as the sun rose higher. The mountains shrank in the distance as we drove away.
b. To become smaller from exposure to heat, moisture, or cold: The sweater shrank in the wash.
2. To become reduced in amount or value; dwindle: His savings quickly shrank. The market for that product has been shrinking.
3. To move back or away, especially in fear: "She shrank back against the wall and flattened her palms against it" (Pearl S. Buck).
4. To show reluctance; hesitate: We should not shrink from making such a sacrifice.
To cause to shrink: The treatment shrank the tumor.
a. The act of shrinking.
b. The degree to which something shrinks; shrinkage.
2. Slang A psychotherapist.

[Middle English shrinken, to wither, shrivel up, from Old English scrincan; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]

shrink′a·ble adj.
shrink′er n.
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Adj.1.shrinkable - capable of being shrunk; "a shrinkable fabric"
unshrinkable - incapable of being shrunk or diminished or reduced
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