shrivel away


w>shrivel away

vizusammenschrumpfen; (leaves)verwelken, vertrocknen; (nylon®)zusammenschmelzen; (worries, problems)sich in Luft auflösen
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It is dismaying to see this former mainstay of community care for older people being allowed to shrivel away because of Government cuts.
If Palestinians keep getting left out of the process of Israel's politics, they will shrivel away and lose their voice.
Mike Harris let them shrivel away and environmental issues dominated the reforms of the late 1990s.
This is not necessarily a case of following the leader as the figures involved are so large the market will not shrivel away.
The showy flower spikes mark the end of a multiyear growth cycle, a last hurrah before the plants shrivel away.
Suddenly the green and biodiverse suburbs were being replaced by car-parking areas and high brick walls; the flats produce no children, so school rolls fell; local shops closed through lack of family business; and many of the institutions of community life (the Cubs or Beavers, youth clubs, allotment societies) started to shrivel away as the transient residents of flats played no such part in local affairs.
It has been beaten by a hot summer which has seen the rough shrivel away and contains holes where, as Scouser hero Nick Dougherty says, "you can hit it 30 yards off-line and still get a four-iron to your ball".
Expose them to public scrutiny and they will shrivel away.
It's as though she might shrivel away to nothing if the studio lights were switched off.
His detailed drawings of the underground structures of plants such as spikenard make identification feasible (a difficult task because the aboveground parts of these plants die and shrivel away in the fall).
Ketchikan Gateway Borough mayor Jim Carlton says, "We may not all understand the technical ins and outs of pulp production, but we know that the community would shrivel away if we didn't have it.