shrivel up

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Verb1.shrivel up - wither, as with a loss of moistureshrivel up - wither, as with a loss of moisture; "The fruit dried and shriveled"
atrophy - undergo atrophy; "Muscles that are not used will atrophy"
decrease, diminish, lessen, fall - decrease in size, extent, or range; "The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester"; "The cabin pressure fell dramatically"; "her weight fell to under a hundred pounds"; "his voice fell to a whisper"
blast - shrivel or wither or mature imperfectly
die back, die down - suffer from a disease that kills shoots; "The plants near the garage are dying back"
dry up, mummify - dry up and shrivel due to complete loss of moisture; "a mummified body was found"
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يُغَضِّن، يَتَغَضَّن، يَجِف، يَيْبَس
krølle sammen
kurumaksararıp solmak

w>shrivel up

vt sep = shrivel VT
= shrivel VI
(fig) I just want to shrivel up when he looks at me like thatwenn er mich so ansieht, möchte ich am liebsten in den Boden versinken; he just shrivelled up when the boss questioned himbei den Fragen des Chefs wurde er ganz klein
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(ˈʃrivl) past tense, past participle ˈshrivelled , (American) ˈshriveled verb
to make or become dried up, wrinkled and withered. The flowers shrivelled in the heat.
shrivel up
to shrivel. The flowers shrivelled up; The heat shrivelled up the flowers.
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It makes your heart shrivel up Comedian Jo Brand I have spent most of my professional life trying to tell people that I sing, including my agent, but they all sort of pat me on the head and say 'Yes, I know' Comedian, actor and presenter Alexander Armstrong I have never taken exception to the term 'housewife'.
It makes your heart shrivel up" Comedian Jo Brand "The worst Prime Minister in living memory" Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson on Theresa May have never taken exception to the term 'housewife'.
COUNTRYSIDE: I read the question about saving seed corn and having it shrivel up. I have been in the seed and food grade grain cleaning and production business for more than 30 years and have dealt with a broad variety of veggies and grains.