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Noun1.shtikl - a really little shtik; "have a shtikl cake"
schtick, schtik, shtick, shtik - (Yiddish) a little; a piece; "give him a shtik cake"; "he's a shtik crazy"; "he played a shtik Beethoven"
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Gimpel owned a successful bakery, the kind bulkes (rolls) could be made in, and was considered by his fellow villagers to be "a shtikl nogidj or "somewhat of a rich man" (Yitskhok Bashevis-Singer, " Gimpl Tam) in Der shpigl un andere dertseylungen [The Mirror and Other Stories] [Yiddish] [Yerushalayim: Hebreisher Universitet, 1975], 33-47).
I know because Gutterman also fancied himself a little bit of a cantor, what in the Yiddish language would be called a shtikl khazn, and he never lost an opportunity to practice in front of all his secular friends including me, including those who were ideologically against shuls and against rabbis and even against cantors if they sang like Gutterman.
Then it will be time for a rest, maybe a glazel tey, a shtikl broit, a shnapps--a little glass of tea, a piece of bread, a drink of whisky--in the shtetl, the archetypal Jewish town.