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Adj.1.shuddery - provoking fear terror; "a scary movie"; "the most terrible and shuddery...tales of murder and revenge"
alarming - frightening because of an awareness of danger
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It had an unfenced grass-plot in front of it which seemed about as big as a billiard-table, and this grass-plot slanted so sharply downward, and was so brief, and ended so exceedingly soon at the verge of the absolute precipice, that it was a shuddery thing to think of a person's venturing to trust his foot on an incline so situated at all.
I was gradually coming to have a mysterious and shuddery reverence for this girl; nowadays whenever she pulled out from the station and got her train fairly started on one of those horizonless transcontinental sentences of hers, it was borne in upon me that I was standing in the awful presence of the Mother of the German Language.
I did not think so many people would be interested in buying fresh produce, but the crowds were huge, even though it was a very hot and sticky day and people were making an hour's drive from downtown Toronto to check out not only kale in this market, but also lavender, warm cherries, delicious home-made ice cream from a jittery, shuddery contraption and free-range chicken and beef.