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tr.v. shunned, shun·ning, shuns
1. To avoid using, accepting, engaging in, or partaking of: shun someone's advice; shun public recognition; shun fatty foods.
2. To refuse to accept socially; avoid having social contact with: "Oddly, by being one of the few players who spoke candidly about the business of baseball, he was often shunned by the business world itself" (David Grann).
3. To stay away from; not go to: "He shunned the elevator and started up the broad marble stairs" (Frederick Irving Anderson).

[Middle English shunnen, from Old English scunian, to abhor.]

shun′ner n.
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Noun1.shunning - deliberately avoidingshunning - deliberately avoiding; keeping away from or preventing from happening
rejection - the act of rejecting something; "his proposals were met with rejection"
aversion, averting - the act of turning yourself (or your gaze) away; "averting her gaze meant that she was angry"
escape - an avoidance of danger or difficulty; "that was a narrow escape"
near thing - something that barely avoids failure or disaster
References in classic literature ?
He walked slowly on; and shunning the roadside like a guilty man, turned into a meadow he well remembered; and covering his face with his hands, threw himself upon the grass.
'And be here again next Thursday,' continued he, shunning her puzzled gaze.
Aliyu also noted that he had always promoted local contents and products, adding that citizens would be doing great service to the nation by shunning South African enterprises.
I don't want you to lose your friends, but shunning is cruel and is never the answer.
In her tribe, unsanctioned actions led to the turning away, or shunning, of the individual who no longer exists as a viable member and Neytiri's words represent the love and acceptance that indicates reconciliation and a return to "family" status.
He promised those shunning violence would be offered incentives and protection to their families.
"Cash-strapped and time-pressured workers are shunning trips to high-street coffee shops in the recession, opting instead for office vending machines, according to figures out today."
ALESSANDRO NESTA could be in for some trouble and strife after shunning Italy's Euro 2008 double-header with the Faroe Islands and Lithuania to get married.
Beyond the evidence of history, Greif offers a game theory argument that the Maghribi model isn't replicable because it only works within a small community, one where everybody can know everyone else and have a sense of who deserves shunning, through a process akin to that of small-town gossip.
Flawlessly recorded in three unabridged formats that include audiocassette ($39.95), CD ($48.00), MP3-CD ($24.95), and superbly narrated by Maruerite Gavin, this engaging trilogy consists of The Shunning (3183, 7 hours) in which Katie Lapp hears a devastating confession from her parents on the eve of her wedding--a confession that unravels the only life she has ever known).
Tasteful commentary covers the shunning of Diana by the royal family and Diana's increasing fame after her death.
High earners are shunning bling-bling and indulging in a passion for second-hand shopping.