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When I take the bridge," says Captain Hodgson, "you'll see me shunt forty per cent of the lift out of the gas and run her on the upper rudder.
Its function is to shunt the lift out of the gas, and this it will do without watching.
Full-jewelled, you see," says Captain Hodgson as the engineer shunts open the top of a cap.
Our turbines scream shrilly; the propellers cannot bite on the thin air; Tim shunts the lift out of five tanks at once and by sheer weight drives her bullet wise through the maelstrom till she cushions with jar on an up-gust, three thousand feet below.
One summer afternoon, when I had promised to go shrimping along the sands with Philip, I was waiting rather impatiently in the front drawing-room, watching Arthur handle some packets of coins he had just purchased and slowly shunt them, one or two at a time, into his own dark study and museum which was at the back of the house.
Conclusions: Patients with previous shunt infection as well as those with shunts associated with myelomeningocele were observed to be at a greater risk for shunt infection.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 13, 2017-Riedon expands through acquisition of Deltec Shunts
All Riedon precision current shunt resistors employ rugged designs for increased durability.
The system, in conjunction with any CSF shunt flow regulating valve and drainage catheter, is designed to address one of the two most common problems with CSF shunts -- obstructions of the ventricular catheter.
In [9], the design of a shunt shunt for the measurement of pulsed currents of microsecond duration with amplitude of up to 75 kA was presented.
I just important knows that alone, and will help Now the 42-yearold is proudly displaying his new tattoo of a brain shunt to show his daughter Briar that "she's not alone".
However, shunt dysfunction, hepatic encephalopathy (HE), liver insufficiency, and even liver failure remain frequent complications of the procedure.