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And though there is no laughter in this poem, it shows a power of feeling joy as well as sorrow, which makes us sad when we remember how long the poet was shut away from common human life.
This morning was he out of his mind, and in his fancy we were boy and girl again and wandering in the happy fields; and so in that innocent glad converse wandered he far and farther, still lightly gossiping, and entered into those other fields we know not of, and was shut away from mortal sight.
It it she kept her papers, and a few books, safely shut away from Scrabble, who, being likewise of a literary turn, was fond of making a circulating library of such books as were left in his way by eating the leaves.
The gorge under our feet--called Allerheiligen--afforded room in the grassy level at its head for a cozy and delightful human nest, shut away from the world and its botherations, and consequently the monks of the old times had not failed to spy it out; and here were the brown and comely ruins of their church and convent to prove that priests had as fine an instinct seven hundred years ago in ferreting out the choicest nooks and corners in a land as priests have today.
Yet it was during this obscure period that the drama was really performed; and its scene was in the heart of Esther, shut away from all eyes.
You poor cold little crittur shut away in a drawer, are you dead or just sleeping?
I cannot become as I was before if I am to be always shut away in this one chamber, breathing poor air and getting no proper exercise.
They pushed the coffer under his cot, and Kim shut away Mahbub's pistol, the oilskin packet of letters, and the locked books and diaries, with a groan of relief.
Janette said: "It's taking place in an open space at Summerlee - although in a quieter corner away from the machines - as we didn't want to be shut away in a room.
So that her street, her town were no longer hers, and even her boy, Pigeon, was shut away from her, wasn't hers.
You've already read about much of our two-day celebrations on the previous two pages, but the main thing is we are together, we are happy and we enjoy being with each other, shut away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, for Christmas Eve at least.
By the time the photos went back into their envelopes and the totes were once again shut away in the end table, we had created some new memories, and we were excited about the plans we'd made.