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By doing this, the clock bends your spine into an awkward position, preventing you from sneaking in a few extra minutes of shut-eye.
The most damaging is the idea you can get by on five or fewer hours of shut-eye a night.
Thomas Cook has launched a new way to get shut-eye in the sky.
IF ALL the Christmas partying has left you pooped but you still can't get some good shut-eye, try Sanctuary Spa's new sleep collection which is infused with lavender oil and midnight flowers, perfect to help your mind and body unwind for a great night's sleep.
GET YOUR SHUT-EYE. Sleep doctors say that seven or more hours a night of actual shut-eye, not just time in bed, is essential.
FOUR PRODUCTS FOR BETTER SHUT-EYE Radox Muscle Relax Bath Salts, PS4.99 A good, relaxing bedtime routine at a regular time is crucial if you have trouble sleeping, and a bath is one of the easiest ways to start the switch-off, without the usual (often slightly nauseating) lavender smell - these are peppermint scented.
Khadijah, who was clad in a red baju kurung, told reporters that she did not get any shut-eye last night out of nervousness and excitement.
And here are our top tips for how to bed down for a successful bout of shut-eye.
Summary: Washington DC [US], April 17 (ANI): The increasing craze of using sleep trackers can interfere with proper shut-eye of users of such gadgets and re-enforce sleep anxiety among them.
Tell her how you feel about her with Hush's must-have sweater, PS75, 10 BEAUTY SLEEP Mums can get shut-eye in style with a Longstaff silk eye mask, PS35,
Experts say eight hours of shut-eye is a good idea for most adults.
Using the activity timestamps publicly visible in the web-based Facebook Messenger app, Soren Louv-Jansen realised that he could see when his friends went online at the beginning and end of the day, which indicated how much shut-eye they're getting.