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 (shŭt′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. A device that shuts something off.
2. A stoppage; a cessation.


(ˈʃʌtˌɔf, -ˌɒf)

1. an object or device that shuts something off.
2. an interruption; stoppage.


[ˈʃʌtɒf] Ninterruptor m
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The PEEK-equipped valves have also achieved an ANSI class VI shutoff rating for tightness and sealability.
It is easy to determine if the shutoff has been triggered.
Other features include a built-in water gauge and an automatic shutoff feature, which immediately cuts the heat when the kettle's contents reach a rolling boil.
If your shutoff valve is stuck open, you can often free it by loosening the packing nut slightly.
for other shutoff nozzles--as well as long-lasting, low-maintenance, and low-cost--$225 to $300, vs.
So, if your Bradley's engine or heater won't start, make the shutoff valves your first check.
The bushings on the P21 valve have an eccentric design, so that the seat disc clearance can be adjusted while maintaining an ANSI Class IV shutoff rating for tightness and sealability.
That's why there are water shutoff systems like the WaterCop control valve ($381).
Adjusting the spring pressure reduces interference with the injection process--that is, needle shutoff backpressure can be set from 220 to 350 bar (3190 to 5080 psi).
You'll never know when you'll need the fuel tanker's emergency fuel shutoff system.
The rubber check sleeve opens with as little as one inch of working pressure and seals drop-tight with backpressure, creating a unidirectional shutoff mechanism.