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 (shŭt′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. A device that shuts something off.
2. A stoppage; a cessation.


(ˈʃʌtˌɔf, -ˌɒf)

1. an object or device that shuts something off.
2. an interruption; stoppage.


[ˈʃʌtɒf] Ninterruptor m
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W / h for the shutoff valve 998-20-0; 999-20-0 TU37-023-05015348-98.
I have seen this many times, and it can contribute to galling on the shutoff, with the slide being locked forward by hydraulic pressure.
The shutoffs are just one small part of a larger human rights issue regarding poverty, health and access to utilities.
Lewis Patrick who challenged the Council's silence on the water shutoff issue.
During a scheduled 1000-hour inspection, the emergency fuel shutoff arm was removed to inspect a valve known to loosen up and produce leaks.
Volkswagen is the first carmaker globally to install the cylinder shutoff on a four-cylinder TSI engine in volume production, aiming primarily to significantly reduce fuel consumption by temporarily shutting off two of the four cylinders during low to mid loads, with the cylinder shutoff actually reducing fuel consumption of the 1.
It costs a customer $75 for a shutoff, and another $75 to turn water back on during business hours, or $90 after hours.
3 cell tank fuel level sensor is mounted in the motive flow control pressure line upstream of the transfer shutoff valve in the No.
A positive shutoff is achieved instantly with zero pressure differential requirements and an easy reset can be completed with common hand tools.
Mariner said automated shutoff equipment on the platform turned off the
Safe operation is assured with built-in pressure/vacuum relief and an automatic safety shutoff to prevent spills or overfilling.