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(Phonetics & Phonology) a variant spelling of schwa


or shwa


n., pl. schwas or shwas.
1. the mid-central, neutral vowel sound typically occurring in unstressed syllables in English, as the sound of a in alone and sofa or u in circus.
2. the phonetic symbol ə, used to represent this sound.
[1890–95; < German < Hebrew shəwā name of a diacritic marking schwa or no vowel]
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Noun1.shwa - a neutral middle vowel; occurs in unstressed syllables
vowel, vowel sound - a speech sound made with the vocal tract open
murmur vowel, murmur - a schwa that is incidental to the pronunciation of a consonant
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hope that succe sur shwa ln The gran said: "It's like I'm living in a different world.
behoud van shwa: afgaleer (Kitaar 17), gabeur (Sjibbolet 42), vadriet (Kitaar 17) x hakkelaar (Sjibbolet 60), Halleluja (Sjibbolet 67), miskien (Kitaar 19)
+A You could get admitted in this hospital without major problems Taso ta de haspatal ke dakhaila pa asana milaao shwa 41.
have lost last shwa lau "M laugh a "He looks unhappy sometimes even when he scores, but the players will tell you that he is always looking for a laugh.
Sin embargo, existe la tendencia muy generalizada de utilizarla para representar la shwa, la cual, como se dijo, es un alofono de /a/ que ocurre en las silabas debiles.
The names of the winners include: - - Souad al-Fateh Badawi, Raja Hassan Khalifa, Badria Suleiman Abbas, Fadwa Shwa Cienq Yale, Bakhita Al-Hadi Abdelrahman Al-Mahdi, Ayesha Abdallah Khojaly Al-Gabshawi, Samia Hassan Sayed-Ahmed Idris, Balqees Osman Ahmed Tijani, Marwa Osman Ahmed Dgkinon, Atiyat Mustafa Abdel Halim, Nahid Mohamed Khairi Mohamadayn, Fatima Abdel-Rahman Abdallah Haji Faki, Samia Faki Awadallah Abdullah, Buthaina Khidr Mekki Al-Amin and Mona Ahmed Jadallah.