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Variant of shawarma.
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"I am hopeful that within the next day or so everything will be resolved." One of the commenters on her Facebook page wrote: "100 people should go and have shwarma there and when he comes with the bill they can tell him that Laura Ziff already paid!"
Ali gave us a tasting of his sandwich called Shwarma (two syllables) filled with spiced flaked chicken with his special sauce made from a different masala that I detected was turmeric-based.
There's also buy one get one free at lunchtime for students, which includes a tiffin, shwarma or burger (show your student card).
Imran ran a Shwarma outlet and he had employed a worker, identified as Irfan.
National Takaful and Marka (a blind pool to buy shwarma shop chains and cheeky monkeys, hooray!) inflicted ghastly losses on investors, losing 50-60 per cent from their IPO offer price.
Adding to this flavourful journey, the tent will also give guests a chance to interact with chefs showcasing their culinary flair at 14 live cooking stations featuring a variety of delicious options including shwarma, sushi, Italian pasta, and Asian food.
For Dhs195 per person (non-alcoholic), Dhs245 (house beverages) or Dhs325 (sparkling), you can indulge on authentic bites from the saj corner or shwarma stand.
Khidir added: "We don't want to scare parents but we do all need to be aware of the risks associated eating a lot of fast food like burgers, pizza and shwarma, or snacks like chips, cakes, sodas and sweets.
The 'Pink Shwarma' meals were prepared by the two teams led by TV presenters Al Kaabi and Al Fadl amid an atmosphere of great enthusiasm and excitement.
Rahayel, a dental surgeon by profession, suggested that the scandal would alter culinary taste: "2014 was the burger and shwarma year, but I think in 2015 they will be forgotten a bit, especially as meat is not doing so well right now."
It's to have a communal meal--roast lamb and herbs, some nice shwarma. And with that, the beginning of the Jewish people is through a meal.