shy away

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w>shy away

vi (horse)zurückscheuen; (person)zurückweichen; to shy away from somebodyvor jdm zurückweichen; to shy away from somethingvor etw (dat)zurückschrecken; he shies away from accepting responsibilityer scheut sich, Verantwortung zu übernehmen
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Coleman told Good Morning Britain that the eight-part Sunday night drama, which begins this weekend, did not shy away from steamy scenes featuring Victoria and Albert, played by Tom Hughes.
The left-wing MP said Labour should not shy away from a clear commitment to the public ownership of utilities.
But the 24-year-old insists he is not about to shy away from any confrontations and said: "I'm definitely expecting some feuds out on the pitch.
THE recent election result in Eastleigh shows that people are fed up with the incompetent cowardly politicians who rule the main parties in this country, y who shy away from the issues that concern people.
Mr Gold SPL chief chooses to shy away from dealing with this specific matter of pro-IRA chanting is regrettable.
For 40 days, these children plan to shy away from such things as television, video games and even pizza.
People in public life should not shy away from talking about the separation of church and state.
While you don't shy away from the topic of sexuality, you don't normally make smut of it, and I usually enjoy everything I road.
The challenge is not to shy away from our emotions and perspectives and hope it all goes away, but instead, to ask what we believe God wants for his people today, and to do it in such a way that respects and honours the viewpoints of others.
Critical Lessons does not shy away from controversial topics, such as denouncing the concept that a benevolent God and a Hell of eternal torture as a logically impossible conundrum.
We attribute our ongoing success to the team's ability to provide creative financing packages--loans more traditional banks often shy away from--to meet the varying needs of New York area housing cooperatives.
The only way to make that happen is to keep on getting in there and I won't shy away from that.