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shy 1

adj. shi·er (shī′ər), shi·est (shī′ĭst) or shy·er or shy·est
1. Easily startled; timid: a shy deer.
a. Tending to avoid contact or familiarity with others; retiring or reserved: a shy student who stayed in the back of the room.
b. Characterized by reserve or diffidence: a shy glance.
3. Distrustful; wary: shy of strangers.
4. Not having a sufficient or specified amount, as of money: was shy $100 on his rent; was two victories shy of the school record.
intr.v. shied (shīd), shy·ing, shies (shīz)
1. To move suddenly or draw back, as if startled or afraid: The horse shied at the loud sound.
2. To avoid engaging in, treating, or discussing something: "a film adaptation that would not shy away from the novel's controversial themes" (Scot French).
n. pl. shies (shīz)
A sudden movement, as from fright; a start.

[Middle English schey, from Old English scēoh.]

shy′er n.
shy′ly adv.
shy′ness n.

shy 2

v. shied (shīd), shy·ing, shies (shīz)
To throw (something) with a swift motion; fling.
To throw something with a swift motion.
n. pl. shies (shīz)
1. A quick throw; a fling.
2. Informal A gibe; a sneer.
3. Informal An attempt; a try.

[Perhaps from shy.]
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Adv.1.shyly - in a shy or timid or bashful mannershyly - in a shy or timid or bashful manner; "he smiled shyly"
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[ˈʃaɪlɪ] ADVtímidamente, con timidez
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[ˈʃaɪli] advtimidement
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adv smile, sayschüchtern
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[ˈʃaɪlɪ] advtimidamente
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(ʃai) comparative ˈshyer or ˈshier: superlative ˈshyest or ˈshiest adjective
1. lacking confidence in the presence of others, especially strangers; not wanting to attract attention. She is too shy to go to parties.
2. drawing back from (an action, person etc). She is shy of strangers.
3. (of a wild animal) easily frightened; timid. Deer are very shy animals.
(of a horse) to jump or turn suddenly aside in fear. The horse shied at the strangers.
ˈshyly adverb
ˈshyness noun
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References in classic literature ?
We did not speak, but in that great half-hour we glanced shyly at each other, and shyly avoided or as shyly returned and met each other's glances more than several times.
I stole in very shyly, kept my eyes sternly from Nicolete's white bed, though, as I couldn't shut my ears, the sound of her breathing came to me with indescribable sweetness.
Philip took a ten-mark piece out of his pocket and shyly put it on the table.
Mombi's curious magic often frightened her neighbors, and they treated her shyly, yet respectfully, because of her weird powers.
The strong lion, however, licked always the tears that fell on Zarathustra's hands, and roared and growled shyly. Thus did these animals do.--
They did not see Matthew, who shrank bashfully back into the shadows beyond the woodbox with a boot in one hand and a bootjack in the other, and he watched them shyly for the aforesaid ten minutes as they put on caps and jackets and talked about the dialogue and the concert.
"That's a Christmas present for you, Anne," said Matthew shyly. "Why--why--Anne, don't you like it?
Pierre understood nothing of all this and coloring shyly looked in silence at Princess Anna Mikhaylovna.
The man's eyes were big and staring as he examined the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl, and the children shyly hid behind him and peeked timidly at Toto.
Janet took his arm -- "as primly and shyly as if she were no more than sixteen, having her first escort home," Anne told the girls at Patty's Place later on.
Geraldine welcomed her unexpected visitor that afternoon cordially enough but a little shyly.
When half the children had been dressed, some peasant women in holiday dress, out picking herbs, came up to the bathing-shed and stopped shyly. Marya Philimonovna called one of them and handed her a sheet and a shirt that had dropped into the water for her to dry them, and Darya Alexandrovna began to talk to the women.