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 (sī-ăl′ə-gôg′, -gŏg′)
A drug or other agent that increases the flow of saliva.

[Greek sialon, saliva + -agogue.]

si′al·a·gog′ic (sī′ə-lə-gŏj′ĭk) adj.
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(ˈsaɪələˌɡɒɡ; saɪˈæləˌɡɒɡ) or


(Medicine) med any drug or agent that can stimulate the flow of saliva
[C18: from New Latin sialagōgus, from Greek sialon saliva + -agogue]
sialagogic, sialogogic adj
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a medicine or substance that stimulates the flow of saliva. — sialagogic, n., adj.
See also: Bodily Functions
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