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I held my een, for I couldna ken How siccan a thing could be:-- such Flock and fell were vanished and gane, hillside And I lay out on an unco plain By the waves of a sounding sea.
siccans (Drechsler) Shoemaker is reported to yield a phytotoxin named as 6 8-dihydroxy-3- (2'-hydroxypropyl) isocoumarin (de-o-methyldiaporthin) and found very effective against common oat (Avena sativa L.
Entre as doencas foliares do trigo, a manchaamarela, causada pelos fungos Drechslera triticirepentis (Died) Shoemaker e Drechslera siccans (Drechsler) Shoem, aumentou significativamente em importancia nos ultimos anos, sendo encontrada em mais de 60% dos levantamentos efetuados em campo (REIS et al.
2005) reported Drazepinone, a trisubstituted tetrahydronaphthofuroazepinone from Drechslera siccans having herbicidal activity against monocot weeds.
The block was selected for uniformity, with 20% of the plants removed before anthesis in 1998, based on lighter color, noticeable anthocyanin in the leaves, coarser leaves, reduced seed head initiation, winter damage, or susceptibility to leaf spot [caused by Drechslera siccans (H.
Drazepinone, a trisubstituted tetrahydronaphthofuro- azepinone with herbicidal activity produced by Drechslera siccans.
Approximately 10% of the plants were removed in the fall of 1997 based on lighter color, leaf spot [caused by Dreshlera siccans [(11.
It has shown good turf quality in trials throughout the USA; good resistance to stem rust, leaf spot [caused by Drechslera siccans (Drechs.
Bennett), red thread [caused by Laetisaria fuciformis (McAlpine) Burdsall], and moderate leaf spot [caused by Drechslera siccans (Drechs.
Applaud also exhibited good resistance to crown rust disease and good resistance to leaf spot (caused by Drechslera siccans Drechs.
Approximately 48 plants were selected from each of the 14 best performing single-plant progeny turf plots based on vigor, density, dark-green color and freedom from leaf spot disease (caused by Drechslera siccans Drechs.
During the spring of 1994, this field was rogued for uniformity, removing plants with lower density, lighter leaf color, maturity earlier or later than the majority of the field, low yield or high levels of leaf spot [caused by Drechslera siccans (H.