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1. Somewhat sick.
2. Somewhat nauseated.
3. Somewhat revolting or nauseating.

sick′ish·ly adv.
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in a sickish manner
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It's the power of language to name, to establish the continuum, which seems to offer whatever redemption might be found here, any compensation for 'knowing more than's good for you', as he puts it in 'Moules a la Mariniere': [...] still you can 'feel' what's below the bottom of the tide, knowing more than's good for you: seabed rock wetted perpetually with spectral colours, quotations lifted from life into a stony text, epigraphies remembering shot-silk offals, trapped green weed, petrifying mauves, muddy cysts, mucus, your own interior furnishings, glands, genitalia of the slit reef spilling seawards: walls all scabby pink, sprayed-on starfish, gluey limpets, linings of the gut which swallowing a wave throws up an ocean, it smells of your nature, sickishly. (p.