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1. Any of several birds of paradise of the genus Epimachus of New Guinea, having a long curved bill like a sickle.
2. Either of two hummingbirds (Eutoxeres aquila or E. condamini) of South and Central America having similar bills.
3. Any of several other birds with similar sharply curved bills, such as Falculea palliata, a passerine bird of Madagascar.


(Animals) any of various birds having a markedly curved bill, such as Falculea palliata, a Madagascan bird of the family Vangidae, Hemignathus procerus, a Hawaiian honey creeper, and certain hummingbirds and birds of paradise


(ˈsɪk əlˌbɪl)

any of various birds that have a long, curved bill, as the curlew.
[1870–75, Amer.]
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And brown sicklebills (SIK-ul-bilz), birds from the islands of New Guinea, have a call that sounds a lot like a machine gun.